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  2. Izakiller

    Types of bones and their experience rates.* This experience can only be gained by using bones in the wilderness or in the donator zone. Bones (regular) - 664xp Big bones- 2158xp Dragon/Wyvern bones - 10,458xp Fayrg bones - 12,201xp Dagannoth bones - 18,094xp Zogre/Ourg bones - 20,335xp Curved/Long bones - 36,271xp
  3. just give up on this dream that owners will do a 180-turn and switch to a pre-eoc server mate.. it ain't happening.
  4. Izakiller

    why is this guy legitimately getting the opportunity to suggest that we change to a pre-eoc server? just leave this one and find a pre-eoc rsps I could name 5 off the top of my head with less bugs too.
  5. Izakiller

    and i hope fixing all these stupid bugs.
  6. Izakiller

    lol this server has the most confusing and out of control staff team. keep it simple.
  7. waiting for updates is like watching paint dry.

  8. Izakiller

    Okay so currently void is stil broken, but it's better than before when you could not repair it at all. Now, when you repair a void robe top (broken) it turns into void robe bottoms. This means that using void right now requires a fresh void robe top in order to use the set because of this ridiculous bug. Before this, void was unrepairable and broke on death. This meant that players had to rebuy gloves and a helmet (16k blood money each time) in order to use void again. I suggest that Lou implements a method where we can sell off additional void pieces for 75% of the blood money price (maybe back to Torrics). Right now I have over 20 void pieces which I will never use and they are a waste of blood money that I was forced to spend in order to actual use void. Note; this only happened because of shoddy coding on Lou's side and it should be the bear minimum redress for those fuck ups.
  9. Izakiller

    How about fix your server before adding more things which will inevitably be broken too.
  10. Izakiller

    the update actually just broke the server even more. Void robe top turns into void robe bottom on death now? Void breaks now and requires 50% of the blood money to repair it (should be coins) - so we need more methods of getting blood money right? Guess what, Lou has now made it so you will NEVER recieve blood money from killing somebody who is unskulled. Also, if they are skulled they must be risking over 500k for someone to get blood money for that kill. So everyone will now remain unskulled and never risk anything. Or if they are somehow skulled a quick ::empty will resolve that too. So, there will be less blood money introduced ingame at a time where more is now needed. 'Zod' holds the economy and with one snap of his fingers could trash it. Not healthy at all. Can't wait for gambling to be introduced and his superior stack will just decimate everything and everyone in his path. Also, you introduced leather crafting but no actual method of getting leather? This just summarised the complete lack of thought that goes behind these updates.
  11. Izakiller

    Can we have the option of refunding the blood money for the extra void peices we bought (ability to sellback to Torrics for 50% of the price). I feel this would be an appropriate way to say sorry to players for this extensive list of game-breaking bugs.
  12. Izakiller

    Void is not repairable - this is a serious issue as every time you die you must fork out more blood money for more gear. I suggest a refund of 50% to players who have had to do this multiple times.
  13. Izakiller

    I put this video on repeat because the song is a banger. What is it? - Nice vid too!
  14. Izakiller

    Gz - hope to join the maxed team soon too. First, Hunter needs fixing.