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  1. Izakiller

    I hope you fore-fill you dreams
  2. Izakiller

    I can wait for 3 people to turn up
  3. ??? He is posting constructive criticism and you lock the topic? Stupid power-hungry mods to afraid of some criticism, server is a joke just give up now. Inb4 locked because staff are too sensitive.
  4. Izakiller

    -insert placeholder forums post count comment here- 'nice'
  5. Izakiller


    just PM him? off ked.
  6. Izakiller

    dominating 30 players gz!
  7. Izakiller

    so what you're saying is if I'm the PK champion minding my own business doing some PVM or skilling I have to interrupt that to go and fight some no-namer? Nah thanks, stupid idea no support would never work.
  8. Izakiller

    yeah sick awesome woo!
  9. Izakiller

    Further splitting up a dwindling playerbase by introducing a PVP world is a stupid idea.
  10. Izakiller

    how about just don't be a half-wit and make sure you research and choose the appropriate game mode?
  11. Izakiller

    Hi I came back to check in on this server and it is still riddled with announcement spam? Like, in the past 5 minutes I do not care about the following: - Someone won an afro from thieving - Someone killed Zulrah - Someone got some points for a daily login - Someone got some money from a thieving task - Someone got some points from a thieving task - Someone recieved 4 participation points from thieving???? - Someone got a rare drop from a Werewolf? Like honestly what is this, announcementscape? Turn them ALL OFF or at least cut down on them because right now it just looks insanely trashy that I'm being notified that someone got a monk's robe top (g) from a thieving store. It legit just gets spammy as hell if a couple of guys are thieving. Sort it out ffs.
  12. Izakiller

    The lack of grammer and punctuation in your paragraph hurt me internally. Welcome.
  13. Izakiller

    some basic fixes added that you'd expect really from day 1 rsps... Lot's of emphasis on gambling, is this the server you want to run? Make it cheap to cash in, then spread wealth unevenly out within the community. Idk, gambling RSPS' just scream toxicity and no longevity.
  14. Izakiller

    who wants to pay me to vote for them lmk
  15. Izakiller

    Honestly, the staff on this game are questionable at times... I mean we saw a good chunk of them try and ruin the server not so long ago. Unfortunately, there's no staff structure in the works, and if there is it is terrible. We need Moderators, Senior Moderators, Head Moderators, and Staff Managers to run an effective staff team. Right now it's just a load of players who have no sense of professionalism and go about doing whatever they want, which is fine. The majority of bug abuses and racist behavior is filtered out but it's these kinds of situations, where a player may be a little impatient bugging the staff member, they choose to turn around and IP-mute people because they can and would rather that then actually help. It's a poor staff system imo.
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