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  1. Izakiller

    hi my client also crashed, I have no proof but go off my work ok? link hcim
  2. Izakiller

    agility no longer gives that money, it gives 90k per lap
  3. Izakiller

    thank you!
  4. Izakiller

    Hi I'm trying to recover my account, posted in the recovery section but it has been largely ignored/not answered. In communication with both Zod and Lou but both have dropped off the PMS... Lou said to reach him via discord, does anyone have it?
  5. Izakiller

    Grow a spine it's the internet if you can't handle my straight up attitude I suggest you stick another tampon in.
  6. Izakiller

    wow didn't realise middle-manning took up so much time
  7. Izakiller

    What? If you own the item you get to dictate the price. If people are stupid enough to overpay that's on them? If you want to buy something it's your responsibility to find the correct price. You're seriously suggesting to put a cap on prices of items? GET A GRIP. Ok I read through the thread... This game's eco is already ridiculously fucked as it is sorry to tell you. Implementing a rule to dictate what players can sell items at is stupid. And to the guy who said 'not many people gamble' reality check when I dared to log in I met a guy with like over 1 trillion he got from purely gambling. Gambling should only be the duel arena, not favourable dicing to the host. It's too late to repair the damage done by dicing. Any stable server sticks with duel arena only where it's 50/50. Thats why OSRS is so hot on all forms of alternative gambling. It's really pretty obvious, economy tanked when dicing came out. I've seen it happen to server after server after server.
  8. Ah my bad so that is actually quite useful thanks, always thought it was random. @Jordan hop off me please and thanks.
  9. Explain to me, if this is supposed to be an efficiency guide, why you would complete fishing AFTER cooking? smh
  10. God all these responses are so void of any emotion, are you lot robots looking to fulfill a forums post quota? I think this would be a terrible idea. The way it is now, it actually rewards people who play the game. If they were made tradeable then the rich would just use their banks to control the eco even more. Anyone who doesn't see this needs to read Economics 101.
  11. Izakiller

  12. Izakiller


    now organise this bank so I can see what you're missing and can rinse you for it.
  13. can I get a refund on a bunch of stuff then when I did ::tasks half the stuff fell to the floor and vanished before I could even pick it up.. was really dumb and I missed out on loads of achievement loots.
  14. Izakiller

    What do gloves of silence actually do? They are way pricey.
  15. Izakiller

    I have been an avid critic of this server since day 1 of it's re-release. My initiative is one of tough love, because sometimes people need a bit of a kick up the arse to get going. If I'm going to waste hours finding these bugs I expect a reward. This is simple practice. Let's leave the devs to decide on this one, eh champ?
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