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  1. MrHat

    Like you mentioned, MGK had a song. Not a diss track. His flow was nice and he kept the song moving but his lyrics were weak. He had a hook which led to a lot of filler in the few minutes he was going. A lot of people liked the song type diss but when it comes to rap the whole point of the genre is to bend words to your need. He made a bad choice going after Eminem, not because em is the best and all that but because em has a extremely loyal fanbase who has no problem shitting on MGK's. His track was decent but to say it beat No Vaseline - Ice Cube is like saying em never had a top 100 hit. Its stupid. Eminems track in my personal opinion won. His beat wasn't as strong with his lyrics, but he matched it quite well still. I think by far his lyrics were much better. Lines such as "Had to give you a career before I could destroy it" and "My biggest flop is your biggest success" really shows that em was going hard on this track. MGK was fighting a very steep uphill battle going after em, with about twenty years of material for MGK to use and the small amount em did he just didn't pick the right things to poke at.
  2. MrHat

    Donations keep servers running, they also don’t actually have great things coming from them right now. Someone brought up a argument that selling 07 is actually more profitable in game but that’s another thing in itself. There is a reason certain items should be behind walls of some sort, again, be it a paywall or a grind. You personally may not see fit to donate because “it’s just pixels bro” like most people say, and that’s your choice. But depending on how a item like this would be implemented isn’t up to you or I, we mearly give suggestions. So as I have stated already and am again, I believe the cannon should be added, behind either a tough grind or a paywall as the cannon is OP against almost all NPC’s. -End rant
  3. MrHat

    That's not how things work. That's how you lose players. If everything that could be considered over powered or even just "really good" was simple to get, what would be the point of playing at all? There has to be some type of wall stopping things from being easily available. Be it a paywall or a tough grind, it keeps people in step.
  4. MrHat

    Yeah. Just a grind huh? Clicking that book was sooo hard.
  5. MrHat

    Why go for 99's when you can just go for the FashionScape?
  6. MrHat

    For real though or just messin? Because I'm very interested in knowing why someone would generally dislike all music, not just certain types.
  7. MrHat

    You guys get me on levels that I thought only @Valar did. But I'm really glad I haven't been the only one to come across someone so against noise in their ears.
  8. MrHat

    It also leads to some of the most annoying “pieces of equipment” as people plop them down in areas where they have no need to. It’s great in a situation like Anz and I were in, killing a NPC no one else needs to kill or probably even thinks about killing. But when someone plops this down at Blue drags or Rock Crabs? Starts to get quite annoying.
  9. MrHat

    I didn’t know it was a thing until I spoke with someone at work about it. Are any of you against listening to music in almost any form? And when it’s playing you may tolerate it but find no enjoyment from it? I know personally I can’t go a day without music or I’ll die.
  10. MrHat

    Agree to all. Multi cannon though, you and I spoke about it in game. I think it should be either stuck behind a paywall or something you gotta grind hard for. To many of them everywhere will get annoying when you want to grind certain areas.
  11. MrHat

    200m XP everything next I see
  12. MrHat

    Those crystal bow ones would get annoying fast.
  13. MrHat

    Great work so far, and really good job at putting out information here. Clear and to the point. Me likey
  14. MrHat

    Awesome sauce