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  1. xplicit

    Thanks for your detailed suggestion. Sounds like the rock climbing animation is having a big impact on exp rates, so I'll see if that can be adjusted. Regardless I will aim to make exp rates per hour for the wildy course higher and maybe for the other courses too. I'll aim to have this change out either next update or the one after it (holiday season is quite busy and my to do list is quite long as it is). Edit: Just so you know, I have not forgotten about this, waiting until the Race competition ends to make any XP related changes.
  2. xplicit

    Cool event idea! Some great rewards too. Good luck to all participants!
  3. xplicit

    Fixed for next update, thanks!
  4. xplicit

    Somehow my vote got deleted, says 7 voted but only adds up to 6, I voted for Josh #3 so you can add that in to the tally at the end.
  5. xplicit

    Thanks! I resized the kappa down a little.
  6. xplicit

    Thanks, the new emojis support multiple short codes so I'll include this as ":tf:" (better twitch tv code) and ":troll:".
  7. xplicit

    Next update will include many changes to emojis, this includes a new set of emojis: If you have an emoji you would like to see added, please reply to this topic with the image and its short code. Please make sure the image in your request is small (around 20x20px or less), the background is transparent, and that the image is cropped fully (no extra whitespace surrounding the emoji). Example request: Image: Short code: ":hurr:"
  8. This version of xp drops customization is a slightly earlier version, next update will include the latest version which has a few changes, for example position setting will move the counter:
  9. Although I did my best to test everything fully, if you find any bugs be sure to report them and I will get them fixed!
  10. xplicit

    Hey there, I am xplicit. Although I don't have any history on GrinderScape, I have been part of the RSPS community for a long time (my favorite server from the past being original Near Reality), and occasionally hop on OSRS. I am excited to be joining the development team and to be a part of helping make the server the best it can be. You probably will not see me in game much, but keep an eye out for some updates I worked on (Bank Interface, Shop searching, Quest Tab changes, some bug fixes, and more) that will be added soon, along with many more updates to come in the future!
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