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  1. Strawberries

    My personal favorite would be my vesta set with a green h'ween, lava blade, elysian, and pegasian boots. Goes well with my max cape
  2. Absolutely fantastic update once again Lou. We owe it to you for all the hard work put into making Grinderscape great. We call can't see what else is left in store for the year. I think we are already off to such a fantastic start. Once again, Thank you!!!!
  3. Strawberries

    Good luck bro and great goals. You got it!
  4. Strawberries

    Thank you, Rank Granted. Closed.
  5. Strawberries

    Thank you @Number 1 for the updates to the list.
  6. Strawberries

    If you have donated recently to the new server please post a screenshot of your donator rank. Otherwise if it is from old donations please direct message me proof of transaction (paypal receipt) so we can verify and grant rank. Thank you.
  7. Thanks Berry for the application. We're waiting for the rank to be added ingame and then you will be notified about your status. Edit: Approved. Closed.
  8. Strawberries

    Congrats to you, welcome to the team.
  9. Strawberries

    It will be discussed. Thanks.
  10. Mod Andrew, glad to see you on here. Good times.

  11. Strawberries

    Thank you, welcome to the team. Cant wait to see whats in store.
  12. Strawberries

    Great update again. Coming along very nicely, I'm glad to see it progressing this positively.
  13. CHRISTMAS LOGIN DESIGN EVENT VOTING THREAD Thank you to all of our members that submitted designs, we appreciate your work and wish all of you good luck. ****PLEASE REFER TO THE THREAD OR IMAGE LINKS AS TO THE SUBMITTED DESIGNS FOR THE POLL, CHOICES ARE NUMBERED IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE ON THE MEMBERS SUBMISSION ON THE THREAD***** MEMBER SUBMISSIONS THREAD LINKS TO IMAGES JOSH #1 JOSH #2 JOSH #3 VALAR #1 VALAR #2 ALEX #1 Poll closes at noon on 12/21/18 *one vote per member, winner will receive a rare santa hat in-game & bragging rights*
  14. Grinderscape's 1st Annual Christmas Logo Competition What is it? Members will design a Grinderscape Christmas logo and compete for first place. Prize Our winner of the event will receive a rare inverted santa hat in-game and bragging rights of course as your logo will be featured on the client. Guidelines The design must be centered around the original official Grinderscape background logo. However, you can draw some inspiration from previous OSRS Christmas themes. Once you're done, post your design here on this thread. Once we have enough submissions they will be voted on by other members of the GS community! Grinderscape Original Template: https://imgur.com/PUgBe3y Past OSRS Christmas Designs: OSRS Christmas Design 1 OSRS Christmas Design 2 OSRS Christmas Design 3 Good luck to our contestants!
  15. Strawberries

    To my understanding you were muted previously due to an offensive language/toxic behavior offense. However staff was dealing with a server development issue which resulted in you being kicked. If you have any further questions feel free to direct them to myself or other members of the staff team. Please be patient while the developers are attempting to improve gameplay quality.
  16. Thanks for the update! The server is progressing greatly, I can't wait to see what else is to come.
  17. Strawberries

    good luck on your goals man!
  18. Strawberries

    Thanks for the update lou. Once again you are outdoing yourself. We all appreciate the hard work that you're doing.
  19. Strawberries

    RESPECTED RANK NOMINATION ZOD Welcome to the first Grinderscape repsected rank nomination vote!!!! Zod has proven himself as a supporter of Grinderscape time after time. He has been apart of the community for an extremely long time. Zod is currently an in-game moderator and is trusted throughout the community. Please cast your votes.
  20. Strawberries

    Thank you for inquiring, this will be shared with the rest of the staff team and be put under consideration. We appreciate your interest.
  21. Strawberries

    Zod is going to make a great addition to the in-game staff team. Congratulations, I'm glad to see such a hard working member of the community be recognized.
  22. Strawberries

    Thanks lou, we all appreciate the hard work!
  23. Strawberries

    Congratulations sir! You'll do a fine job, welcome to the team. Glad to hear this.
  24. Strawberries

    Thanks for letting us know, we'll alert an ingame administrator to assist you.
  25. Strawberries

    You'll have to wait until an in-game administrator is online until the problem can be remedied.