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  1. Strawberries

    Thank you lou for this update, you are working with haste! Great job once again.
  2. Strawberries

    Fantastic update lou. Thanks to everyone that worked on this to make the game better. Glad to see the path we are all headed in.
  3. Hey you're cute wanna hangout 

  4. Good mechanics/content update. Thanks for the hard work as always!
  5. Strawberries

    Great update lou. This is by far the most impressive update so far. This is great to see and is definitely going to give the player base more events to take part in. Thanks again!
  6. Strawberries

    Absolutely fantastic update. Thanks for the hard work put into this by those who worked on it ;). Can't wait to see the roll out of this.
  7. Absolutely fantastic update once again Lou. We owe it to you for all the hard work put into making Grinderscape great. We call can't see what else is left in store for the year. I think we are already off to such a fantastic start. Once again, Thank you!!!!
  8. Mod Andrew, glad to see you on here. Good times.

  9. Strawberries

    Great update again. Coming along very nicely, I'm glad to see it progressing this positively.
  10. Thanks for the update! The server is progressing greatly, I can't wait to see what else is to come.
  11. Strawberries

    Thanks for the update lou. Once again you are outdoing yourself. We all appreciate the hard work that you're doing.
  12. Strawberries

    Thanks lou, we all appreciate the hard work!
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