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  1. Dlearious

    Shame was kinda hoping for an upgrade from monster n that
  2. Dlearious

    Ooo baby, I'm looking forward to seeing you in the wildy Hopefully you put up a better fight then the rest who came to "dominate" sorry, where are my manners, I do apologise, I get a little excited when I see fresh meat Good luck though!
  3. Dlearious

    Nothing to do with pkers not being able to handle it man we made do and made it work! Yeah it was overpowered but with everyone using it, all came down to the individuals skill! The biggest issue is the fact its so cheap, it's unlosable and only breaks, instantly removes 4 items of risk when pking, out dps' armour that shows a larger str value and is frankly shameful to have as a bis set. Granted it should be up there but for 140k bm or 280m compared to spending bills on actual sets is kinda disgusting and removes their uses substantially. Considering if you ran a to be considered bis setup of ancestral, morrigans and vestas switches, plus the weapons and other slots too is in excess of like 5b+, kinda stupid to have such a versatile setup such as void outperform it. This will hopefully see a rise in people actually making use of the proper sets as intended which would also hopefully see a rise in prices of the better sets stabilising the market some more and having them as more than just a placeholder in ones bank. Not to even mention that with void hopefully being removed as the go to for pking, it should see a rise in people actually wanting to pk, the risks taken and the risks to be recieved and inevitably grow the pking population and the server. Not in a harsh way but anyone that wanted to pk hated the void and shortly stopped pking afterwards lol.
  4. Dlearious

    Disagree, the changes are perfect as are. Void was too overpowered especially in pvp the nerf was very much needed, hopefully this will see a rise in people actually risking some gear if they want to be in the wild or if they use void, won't be as op as those that do risk better sets. Besides the wild aspect, being able to spend 140k bm for a set of unlosable best in slot armour for all 3 styles in comparison to spending in excess of 1b+ for what should be BiS pieces is again too overpowered and the price hike is very well received!! Will be interesting to see the combinations people start using. Great updates dude!
  5. Dlearious

    Ooo fresh meat
  6. Dlearious

    Easyyyyy money, finna wait till the bounty is at like 2b then ima come sort ya out!! Good luck princess
  7. Dlearious

    Okay so this ones been an issue for a very long time now and would love to see this fully working as intended. Currently you have to pick the item up into your inventory and click it, click the bag for it to store it. Whilst this is better than nothing it still will not take stackable items such as coins or blood money or any noted items at all. Would love to see this as is on osrs which is one click default opens the bag and allows the player to pick up whichever loots they wish until the bag is closed or full, and another click to default close. For any pvper the looting bag is paramount as currently we have to either leave behind some loots in favour of keeping a little amount of food on us the due to people having the inability to pk solo or spend half an hour picking it up individually and adding it to the bag manually which also boads the risk of getting jumped again. Aside from the pvp side of things even using it for wilderness pvm is frustrating as it won't hold half of what it is supposed to, for example picking up notes drops at the rev caves. I know there are plenty of people that would like to see this implemented properly as currently it is not worth the 25k bm spent on purchasing it. Whilst fixing this it might be worth adding it as is in osrs as a 1 in 30 drop from any npc in the wilderness. Yes there is also the option for a quick return and buying it from the bm store too but would like to see working as a priority. Many thanks, D
  8. Dlearious

    Whilst everything else in the game seems so strong in comparison to mage (hence the recent feedback) is it possible to get the imbued heart added in game at all? I mean you can range pot buff range, super combat pot buff melee and yet mage is somewhat lacking with a measly +4 levels from the mage pot?? Being the weakest of the 3 styles would be nice to see this item in game in the near future!! Many thanks, D
  9. Dlearious

    The thought just occurred to me that whilst you're potentially fixing the normal spell book and adding in the combination runes, now might be a good time to add in wrath runes and the surge spells to acompany them!! Some food for thought and I'd still love to see this implemented with the other previously mentioned normal spell book fixes! Great job with charge btw, now please fix the staff issues and buff them accordingly so we can start changing up the meta!! Many thanks, D
  10. Okay i know its been previously mentioned but this issue needs to be addressed asap! Void is way way way too overpowered in both PvP and PvM Respectedly! I personally (as well as any other real pker i have encountered) are sick to death of having to use and fight against voiders lol. Not only does it remove the fun from pking, being able to fight against someone using a 2 way switch (helm and wep) against someone using 4/5 ways in the wilderness best in slot gear (Vestas, Morrigans, Zuriels (and even Ancestral)) and it being more overpowered is ridiculous. Yes i agree it should be up there near the top but should in no way ever overtake the intended wildy pking gears and be classified as the "Meta". For anyone that is pking as well fighting a voider is not rewarding in the slightest way as the void breaks and is not lost on death and doesn't count as the 3 protected items(4 with prayer) meaning someone is able to take a full BiS gearset into the wilderness with no risk at all unless they are skulled (which is never) which should never be the case! It allows people to farm wildy bosses permanently with no risk meaning they are no threat at all and the rewarded items prices are driven down over time with how easy it is to farm... I mean i know full well that people would think twice about taking a max set of 9 items into the wildy if there was even a slightest chance of losing them, making things just that little more difficult to obtain. This doesnt even cover the entirety of the pvm side of things which i'm in no way considered " extremely knowledgeable" but have still had my fair share of doing such and would like to see efforts of actually farming the best gears in the game become rewarding by actually being able to use them for their intended purposes instead of chilling in the bank as a placeholder. IMO void should receive a half decent nerf to its damage output and a slight increase on the supposed to be "Best in Slot items" to make even a small change to how gearsets in both pvm and pvp work.. This is easily fixed as has been shown before and alot of people would love to see this implimented asap. As always many thanks for listening, D
  11. Okay so with ancients being the meta i thought it would be quite nice to actually have a fully functioning and competitive normal spellbook as should be intended. I for one as well as others i know would like to swap it up and use normal spells however it isnt actually viable at all. For the spellbook itself having fully functioning God Spell: Zammy, Sara, Guthix would be a minuscule start but would have to be coupled with their respected staffs for use - There are exceptions to this of course as in the staff of the dead and its toxic variant counting as a zammy staff for flames of zamorak, the staff of light counting as a saradomin staff for saradomin strike, and the void knight mace (if added) To count as the staff for Claws of Guthix. Of course with this said relevant damage increases will need to be changed too. kodia being the meta allows for autocasting of ancients and this should be reflected with the listed staffs autocasting their respected spells and only these. At the same time kodai wands damage is much above the SoL and TSoTD. All 3 should have the same damage modifiers as is intended and active on osrs to make a variable playstyle viable in the slightest way. Whilst we're on the damage modifications i think it is also relevant to mention that for the godspells to work as intended and to be competetive in any way you would need to activate the charge spell as currently cannot be cast and would need to buff the damage of all 3 god spells by its intended 50% for 5 minutes. Side note if these fixes are being put into play it might be worth adding the venom effect to the toxic staff of the dead on successful spell cast or if this hasnt been coded a posion effect would suffice. Finally and still as important as the others we need the combination runes to work as intended. Currently using them for spells provides the error : you do not have the required items for this spell despite it registering them and highlighting the spell up. As follows are the ones available and should be added/fixed in game asap: Mist Rune - Air and Water Dust Rune - Air and Earth Mud Rune - Water and Earth Smoke - Air and Fire Steam - Fire and Water Lava - Earth and Fire How it should work would be for example casting Entangle - Requiring 4 nature runes and 5 water + 5 earth. This would be replaced with 4 natures and 5 mud runes as the mud rune counts for both in 1 rune and is how this works in osrs. However i guess with the cheap price of the runes it would matter if it consumed 10 instead of 5 if its difficult to code! (Quick edit as i forgot - Can you add the damage modifier to the new imbued god capes too? It should give a 2% damage boost over its unimbued counterpart and i would love to see this effect take change. I have managed to get my hands on one and was sadly disappointed to find it doesnt add any damage buffs at all.. even if it only adds +1 or +2 to the max hit its the key component that separates it from the unimbued version and as it stands does not make risking the cape in pvp or even purchasing it worth the gold invested)(Side Side note.. It doesnt combine with the max cape like the unimbued version does, Please fix this too). Many thanks, D
  12. Dlearious

    The long overdue and awaited part 3 guys!! Enjoy!!!!!
  13. Dlearious

    well you're up there with good chances
  14. Dlearious

    Alright guys so for a bit of a laugh and some incentive we thought it would be a great idea to stage a PvP tournament in game! Now this is just for a laugh, so all fights will be conducted at the FunPK minigame so that no-one loses their hard earned gear! However! We are also collecting for a prize fund for the winner to claim, something smaller for 2nd and a runner up prize for the winner of the 3rd place match! If you wish to donate to this please contact me in game and as of writing this post, the prize fund is currently standing at approximately 5b in game value and growing! Once the prize pool is fully completed i will upload a picture for you all to see! Moving on we are looking at requiring 16 candidates in total to complete this tourney, 4 rounds of single 1v1 fighting, knockout style, to determine the winner and runners up! We are looking at hosting this weekend, @ 17:00 gmt +0 if we get all signups by tomorrow! However is not we can extend to next weekend Sat 23rd, to allow time for enough signups. This is primarily a NoHonour Style fighting bracket, however you can use whatever setup you like! ~Just don't expect others to match your style! The only rules for this tournament: 1. No Void or Elite Void (We'd like to see some actual PKing, not a helmet and weapon switch lol) 2. No Teaming (if anyone interrupts the match on your behalf by attacking someone, you will be disqualified) 3. Thammarons Sceptre and Sanguinesti Staff (charged items) are Banned! You can still use them, just not the charged spells. This is to make it fair for everyone! 4. Goes without saying be on time! The tournament will not wait for you, we will be using a generator on the day for matchups, if you're not here by the time your match is supposed to start, you will be disqualified! 5. Guess the most important is to have fun!! Good Luck To All Who Wish To Participate!!! Names of Candidates will Appear Here. Please Respond to This Thread to Enter!!! To make it fair for all this is a first come first serve basis, the first 16 will be picked, however if we get more we shall add you to a side pool and see if we can figure it out to suit!! 1. DLearious 2. Legends 3. Danes 4. Druids 5. Pepega 6. Blake 7. Dreamzz 8. Lisa 9. Zod 10. Robin 11. Keelow 12. NoType 13. Akoumari 14. 15. 16.
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