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  1. Nothing to do with pkers not being able to handle it man we made do and made it work! Yeah it was overpowered but with everyone using it, all came down to the individuals skill! The biggest issue is the fact its so cheap, it's unlosable and only breaks, instantly removes 4 items of risk when pking, out dps' armour that shows a larger str value and is frankly shameful to have as a bis set. Granted it should be up there but for 140k bm or 280m compared to spending bills on actual sets is kinda disgusting and removes their uses substantially. Considering if you ran a to be considered bis setup of
  2. Disagree, the changes are perfect as are. Void was too overpowered especially in pvp the nerf was very much needed, hopefully this will see a rise in people actually risking some gear if they want to be in the wild or if they use void, won't be as op as those that do risk better sets. Besides the wild aspect, being able to spend 140k bm for a set of unlosable best in slot armour for all 3 styles in comparison to spending in excess of 1b+ for what should be BiS pieces is again too overpowered and the price hike is very well received!! Will be interesting to see the combinations people
  3. Dlearious

    The long overdue and awaited part 3 guys!! Enjoy!!!!!
  4. Dlearious

    Aaaaaaand here we go guys, Part 2 of the series, hope you find it just as entertaining as the first, if not more so !!! Thanks for the support and hopefully have some more content coming your way soon!!! As always... Much love, D
  5. Dlearious

    cheers bro I'll be editing the next one in about 3 hours time so early hours should drop, big things coming man!!
  6. Dlearious

    thanks mate, good things coming keep tuned
  7. Dlearious

    Glad to hear bro means alot you'll be happy to know I've still got more pre recorded footage and the next episode will be coming in the next couple days
  8. Dlearious

    Right so after my incident with the last series I said I wasn't going to record till Ironman was out, however, I've gotten a little bored the last few days so decided to release a mini series whilst we wait as titled - Max Set From Scratch (Wilderness Editon). So as the name would suggest, most of what I do will be in the wilderness; this includes training, bossing and pking. No player trades allowed and no bossing or training outside of the wild with the goal of reaching a maximum pking gear set and stats. I will have to purely rely on skilling, shops, wilderness mob/boss drops and pking
  9. Dlearious

    lvl52 wilderness and red skulled!! maaaaan you got balls @Donnie
  10. Dlearious

    Intro Okay so this will be a brief, comprehensive guide for those of you wishing to kill Kamil as Efficiently as possible! In my opinion mage is by far the best way to rack up those kills, as when done correctly banking is not required at all! Kamil drops some of the best magic items in the game, ranging from a few good staffs (which are great for alts and mage pures), bulk rune drops, the lucrative white whip, the darkness set and right the way through to seers and seer ring(i) (Which is best in slot for any magic user). Inventory This is the typical inventory I brin
  11. Dlearious

    Okay guys as the old guide was missing some information/outdated, I thought it might be a good idea to redo and update the bones to experience guide for anyone looking to calculate their prayer costs. So there is 2 main places you can do this: The First being in wild resource area at lvl 54, found under the skilling teleport tab, has a Chaos alter to lay bones on, boasting the same experience as the one in the donator zone and inevitably the best prayer experience for the small risk you take. Experience / Bones to 99: Bones - 696xp / 18,727 Bones, B
  12. Dlearious

    forgot to add great idea though
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