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  1. Legends

    Congrats brother
  2. Legends

    I am currently recruiting members for the new clan called "Divine". We are a Singles&Multi Clan. Requirements to join the clan: - Must have discord - Basic hybridding/tribridding knowledge - Clanwar experience - Must follow GrinderScape rules ONCE YOU JOINED THE CLAN ITS DISSALLOWED TO, AND THIS ALSO GOES UNDER RULES! - If someone in the clan calls for backup in a fight, stop what you're doing and go back them up, unless you know 100% they're getting the help they need to win from members in our clan. - Do not disrespect anyone apart of the clan, even if they're a lower rank. - If you back-stab* on one of us, you will be banned from the clan and put on a "Hit list"** - Don't leak information**** - Clan hopping - Bullshit - Be disrespectful to others - Leave the cc and enter the wilderness - can cause alot of misunderstanding - Don't argue with other clan members Ranks are based off of Loyalty, Participation, and skill. How Loyal are you to #divine? How often do you participate in events/are online? How good are your Nhing/Hybridding skills? Smiley - This rank is given to allies of #divine who are improving their loyalty overtime to work their way up. Banana - This rank is given to new members of the clan who need further testing/experience, but made the tryouts. Two Bananas - This rank is given to members that have been with us for some time and have proven their capabilities. Three Bananas - This rank is given to members that have shown they posses a decent skill set when it comes to Nhing/Hybridding, and bring a lot to the table for the clan. They must also show leadership skills because the next rank they are able to get is an officer position. Bronze Star - This is the first of the officer positions. This member has shown great dedication and loyalty to #divine. Members with this rank are very skilled Nhers/Hybrids and are trustworthy. Silver Star - This is the second of the officer ranks. This member has shown great leadership skills and dedication to #divine. This officer is responsible for the everyday flow of the clan. They will take any complaints and bring them to the necessary people. If someone of this rank gives an order for you to come join a war you will listen. If you disobey an order to come to a war, further clan disciplinary procedures shall occur. General - This rank is reserved for a selective few high ranking officers that are deemed to be Second In Command. ·.,¸¸„.«°°•.„¸ Meet our Members ¸„.•°°».„¸¸,.·´ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¯¨˜”°x°”˜¨¯ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ Owner(s): Legends Keelow General(s): Lisa Captain(s): Dreamzz Lieutenant(s): Sergeant(s): Corporal(s): Lew Recruit(s): 51551juusto Xl joel lx Application Format In-Game Username: What is your experience with clan PKing or deep wilderness activity in general?: What would be your primary position? Why do you want to join #divine? (Just out of curiosity) : How many hours a day do you put into this game: Describe your in-game tendencies, what are you normally doing?: Do you understand the rules of the CC and agree to obey them?: Do you have Discord? If yes whats your Discord name?: If you have any questions pm "Legends" or "Keelow" in game.
  3. Legends

    Sad to hear about ur resignation, hope everything will get better brother
  4. Was fun with you all guys and staff members!! but this is time when i have to resign.. Not quiting this great server! but have no time anymore to be online have to do alot of things in real life.. Summer coming soon tho and will be more with my family and friends. Thanks for understanding
  5. Nice man! I would like to see you as a middleman in this great server! Keep the good work on that
  6. I hope this will be added in the future So we can have fun in playing because everything is too easy right now 1. Zulrah, Vorkath, Corp, Black knight titan, Alch hydra drop rates is too easy almost every kill you can get a good drop should be higher drop rates for items. 2. Make Vet'ion to have 2 phases thats more fun then it is now. 3. Castle wars added so peoples could have more fun with others and increase the amount of players in the server that want some safe minigames 4. Fix weapon game it's nothing cool for real. 5. Add raids, donator zone 2, wildy worm boss with not high drop rates, but not be easy that easy like others. 6. Make target teleport tablet or add interface wher will show who is target and what level he is that makes no need to go all wild around to find one player 7. Remove arcane spirit shield from mystery boxes everyone agree that is easy to get from em and made it down in price with that rewards and add something less item like an elder maul or something. 8. Make an bank wealth to show in the bank how much do you have that's would be easy and no need to calc if you have alot of items i hope this will be added in the future 9. Add tome's in the blood money store that should make alot of bm out of the eco and easier for some players who want's them for maxing account, and pretty hard to get from donator's. 10. Kitchen knife is too high even better then ghrazi rapier and easy to get should be lowered hits for it. 11. Add boss contract points shop that we waiting long time 12. Remove ghrazi rapier from blood money store and add it to Mutant tarn or new boss and make high drop rate for it so that would be more fun to grind because easy get blood money. 13. The bond from parti points store should be made to 31 day, so players will be more grinding for it not like now and i don't see many players grind for it after get bond one time. 14. Add ironman store only thats could help for alot players to play on ironman's. 15. Would be fun to have clue scroll items and Boss drops collection log like in osrs. 16. Add a command for check what middleman's are online that's could help for many peoples. 17. Reset server couple time in week not that hard alot of peoples starting lagging and nulling, so this make the community bigger if it's restart more times then one time in 10 days. 18. Monthly rewards for pvp clan's that makes videos, because ther is not alot of peoples that makes vid's for youtube. Thanks for reading & leave some feedback
  7. Legends

    +1 I agree with all of these, i hope they will be completed in the future
  8. Legends

    Was great time with you when i started play this game, thanks for everything brother and take care i hope to see you soon in game
  9. Finally the update!! Thanks
  10. Legends

    I would agree with this, this server enough old to have staff in every time zone not only one, since i have to be alot of times in the morning and doesn't seem ther is staff even one online. Just saying don't hate me please.
  11. Legends

    Thanks for the thread, but i don't understand the one thing 40s with kodai if i ever got max hit through prayer was 27s. But thanks anyways
  12. Legends

    Congratulations Blake nice work!
  13. Legends

    Nice m8, useful guide some wanted this. Maybe will you make corp guide, alots who wanted it
  14. Damn u lucky so many cool stuff nice work get gold santa now
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