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  1. aurimeelis

    well, i dont think they would crash if u make right bm price on store
  2. aurimeelis

    + that would make pvp more active here
  3. aurimeelis

    my suggest would be to bring back rapier / t bow on bm store maybye, so players would spend alot of bm for one item , but on other side it could cause them crashing. i dont think this poll is correct , maybye i would choose 2nd option...
  4. well you started rage at dice so i dont know , i dont know
  5. aurimeelis

    nice people climbing up , good luck and keep going for more
  6. In-game Name(s):aurimeelis Age:27 Timezone: +2 Lithuania Will you be active?: i will. How much do you usually play per day?: 2+ Why do you deserve to be in this group?: i deserve becouse i think i habe good knowledge about grinderscape, i play like 1 year +, most knows me and they say they trust me Any other information: well its my 3rd app for omm rank, i wasn't rejected before , first time i deleted before my playing break (it was like for 2-3 months), and second time i deleted becouse i got more jobs to do in real life and was thinking that i will not have enough time for mm work. i will rather answer "why i wan't omm rank", not "why i deserve" well, i see gs changing,growing,updating. I see how staff is working for game to keep it up. i see how all ss and omm members is helping the community. i wana be a part for it , give my job and time for doing mm stuff, also i can do any other job/help what players or staff need . All knows im helpfull , and that i always will answer for they questions. maybye some could call me like nerve-wracking person , becouse i like to talk alot about useless/random stuff but i like chilling , having conversation with new/old players. i like alot of stuff here, skilling , gambling, bossing, doing tasks.. etc.. . i really don't know what to say more here, i always sayed that i can help here with no rank, and i will do that anyways, just with rank i could do more for the server..so thats it .
  7. trustfull, helpfull , knows stuff arround , thumbs up
  8. aurimeelis

    would be too easy gaining money i think that 2 clicks for drop cash isnt hard job
  9. aurimeelis

    i see alot of peoples have problem with this, wrong ammy
  10. aurimeelis

    had bug on bj, won and it didnt pay out , got stucked , couldnt relog , yell or move , had to xlog, and didnt got cash , it wanished. cash problem solved already
  11. aurimeelis

    hey, just was thinking it would be great idea to add 'item burst' on banks, would be easyer to wanish unneeded items , also would be less junk on server second suggestion is.. owner should make that players could donate osrs gp for premium points, i think with more osrs lou could swapp more osrs tokens to keep server's eco clear from that big cash growing...
  12. In-game Name(s):aurimeelis Age: 26 Timezone: +3 Will you be active?: as always How much do you usually play per day?:random days, random hours. mostly like 3-5 hours Why do you deserve to be in this group?: i like this server and wana be a part of this, we need more omms for more trades. I think i am deserved of this becouse i am always tryng to help other players, mostly for new ones. i dont know others peoples oppinions about me.. didnt asked will se here . i did see alot of times when peoples didnt get omm for a long time, some peoples were telling that i should go and apply for a omm... so i am here . Any other information: also i see some peoples being scammed in dice arena, so i want to solve that problems too, and work for fair and good game
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