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  1. aurimeelis

    its getting started all come in
  2. aurimeelis

  3. hello guys. so if staff team will allow me , i will do drop party on friday (no set time yet) . First 3 items will be given for task like getting skilling pet , getting drop from npc etc.. rest items will be dropped in drop party i want to invite you all to join and have some great time ! i think i will add even more items for drop party , i will grind for you guys untill weekend invite all your friends and lets make it massive !!!!
  4. aurimeelis

    after year maybye thank you !!!
  5. sooo... finally we got this... i say we becoause alot of friends helped me and supported to not give up.. got big support with bones for prayer from cuto and beauty. Anythinghelps and ranarrjuana protectem me in wildy , while was getting hunter xp Btartaros one of the best supporter... helped helped comprehensively... and also alcotty with wrath, they also helped me very much for reaching my goals.. big thaks to you guys and to all support from server there was few painfull skills to max , but with good knowledge , with vote bonuses for xp , with all players tips we made it !!! i am really
  6. aurimeelis

    6 and 15
  7. In-game Name(s):aurimeelis Age:27 Timezone: gmt +3 Will you be active?: i will How much do you usually play per day?: 3+ Why do you deserve to be in this group?: active / helpfull / trustfull / good knowledge Any other information: i had omm rank like 6 months ago , but had to leave game for personal reasons. Now started grinding again and main reasons to get omm rank have not changed. I still wanna be part or grinder , of staff team . i like to help players/staff , like to give some suggestions , tips and anything players requests. Now i am helping bit with wi
  8. aurimeelis

    i like new one , but maybye not blue... maybye could take colors from old..
  9. aurimeelis

    adding short video of all 6 patches
  10. aurimeelis

    well, i dont think they would crash if u make right bm price on store
  11. aurimeelis

    + that would make pvp more active here
  12. aurimeelis

    my suggest would be to bring back rapier / t bow on bm store maybye, so players would spend alot of bm for one item , but on other side it could cause them crashing. i dont think this poll is correct , maybye i would choose 2nd option...
  13. well you started rage at dice so i dont know , i dont know
  14. aurimeelis

    nice people climbing up , good luck and keep going for more
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