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  1. Have fun and Enjoy yourself, see you back in game when you’re back!
  2. lew

    I will deal with this when I see him in game.
  3. lew

    Lovely topic, thank you for helping other players!
  4. Been looking forward to this one, looking real good Lou!!
  5. lew

    Great idea Barry, will be fun testing this!
  6. Good application, best of luck!!
  7. Good application, best of luck!!
  8. lew

    When @Lisa gets online he will deal with this for you. thank you for you’re paitience.
  9. lew

    Brilliant idea, good luck to all those who enter.
  10. lew

    I have 150 osrs tokens
  11. lew

    Congratulations my man, welcome to the team. I’m sure you’ll do a great job!
  12. We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to accept your application for the “OMM” role congratulations! continue the great work!!
  13. lew

    Fully support this good luck!!
  14. lew

    It’s unfortunate that you’ll be resigning, great guy best of luck wherever your onto next buddy.
  15. lew

    Keep us updated on the progress, good luck!
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