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  1. lew

    Excellent work to the dev and staff involved.
  2. Completely support this, he’s a great guy!
  3. lew

    Congratulations adam, well deserved!!
  4. lew

    Thank you for the opportunity, looking forward to being a part of the team!
  5. lew

    Im sorry to see you go kaz. You will be a huge miss in the community, hopefully keep in touch mate best of luck to whatever life throws at ya
  6. lew

    I am speaking for not only me, but all the players currently playing.. We have a select few staff members that are on daily that help in all shapes and forms, then we have staff that log in on the odd occasion, and don't really do anything to help the players we have in game. There are staff members that, in all honesty go above and beyond in helping the server and players grow, but there are also certain staff that just log in and don't tend to do anything but AFK. numerous occasions there have been incidents that have needed resolving which in turn other players have had to pm some staff via discord to log in and resolve, when other staff have been just online sitting there not responding etc. this is not a dig at any staff, i know we all have lives to live. just wanted to put it out there as many players have been complaining. Zod On every day and in all honesty go above and beyond what he should do. dreammzz again another one on daily, always available on disc if needed Blake rarely on, doesn't tend to help as much as he could do when on, (i know we all have lives to live) Lisa when on is amazing help (i know we have lives to live) Barry again, dont really see online. does try to help in anyway when he is. (i know we have lives to live) Number 1 never on, if and when he does come on doesn't tend to do alot (i know we have lives to live) this is in no way shape or form a dig at any staff member, this is just what is going through players minds. would love to see it resolved i honestly would as you are all good people. A lot of players have been moaning about this recently so thought i would just put it out there for everyone to discuss.
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