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  1. Brad

    I'd like to thank the academy for paying for my scholarship, My mum for always saying that I could do it, Padula for calling me a little girl, and most importantly I'd like to thank Valar, for obvious reasons. For real though, Thank you for the opportunity. I promise I'll make you guys proud.
  2. - You can now buy 1m coins and 5k Blood money from skilling store with skilling points. Is this a typo? Because the picture shows that for 10 points I can get 5k?
  3. Brad

    Honestly, Construction is my favorite skill in OSRS, I'd love to see it. It won't be added for a decent bit but I'm sure it'll weasel its way onto the server eventually.
  4. Brad

    What's the bow they drop in OSRS? Craw bow or something? Thad'd be a fun edition.
  5. Tl;dr Great guide man. Gives me something to read while I'm waiting for my shift to start.
  6. Brad

    Welcome to Grinderscape, my dude.
  7. Brad

    Eyyyyy, love me some rock.
  8. Brad

    I actually partly agree with this. 75% seems a bit much though.
  9. Brad

    Welcome to the team pally.
  10. Brad

    Thank you for your service. Hopefully, if you can find the motivation, you can rejoin us one day.
  11. Brad

    chicken shaped like a dick. Would you rather eat Pineapple Pizza or Sacrifice your first child to the devil?
  12. Brad

    Well done my man. This is the quality update we were looking for.
  13. Your mother is a fraggin aardvark.

    1. vutr