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  1. Hellmage


    Hey man it was great working with you! Sorry to see you go mate, hope everything goes good for you in these rough times! Pop in-game here and there if you get a chance!
  2. I see that your intentions are good but I don't think this is the right time for you brother. I don't really see setting yourself apart too much from other players! With that being said I recommend getting your name out there and continue to be active on all platform! As always good luck on your application!
  3. I love your dedication on becoming an OMM since this is your third attempt! You are active within the game and make people laugh. Don't get being funny and immature confused mate! As always good luck on your app!
  4. You do interact and help players in cc! Not sure how much I see you in the discord but always helpful being active on all platforms! Goodluck on your application!
  5. Seen you more active and helping out players when needed! Nice to see you in discord and cc! Goodluck on your application brother!
  6. Hellmage

    Thanks brother! @Zod or @Soccerlove will change soon!
  7. Hellmage

    Maybe after all the alters are fixed we could possibly set a limit. If we were to set a max number for runes we will have to make it so the max you can get at once is 50 or so. Because players will buy all the runes in shops if there is a limit.
  8. Discord Helpers/ Discord Moderator are players who show great dedication to the community of Grinderscape and help in every way possible! I just feel like I have not seen you much on discord helping the players or even in game in the cc. I recommend getting your name out there and help players on the discord and forums , even in cc will help! As always good luck on the app!
  9. Will be looked into , thanks for letting us know!
  10. Hellmage

    Hello everyone, I am here today to give a big thanks to @fibra fabri! He has helped me out a lot with the progression with our Wiki page. I want to award him for taking his own time out and helping the community of Grinderscape! The Wiki Team works hard to make sure our page has all the information the community needs to help further their progression!
  11. Hellmage

    Love how you are using forums as well as discord! Keep it up and gl on your adventure!
  12. Hellmage

    Welcome Dani! Glad to see you joining the community! Also glad about your healing process. Hope you enjoy your stay and always remember don't hesitate to ask if you are in need of assistance!
  13. Hellmage

    @Lou Grinder will be in touch soon! For future reference; * You can buy and sell Osrs and RS3 gp in Grinderscape according to @::prices (which have to be followed at all times!). You will always need a Middleman to do these transactions either @::mm or @::staff . - OSRS = 500m-600m Grinderscape gp per 1m OSRS gp. (Weekly buying/selling limit is 100m) - RS3 = 100m-150m Grinderscape gp per 1m RS3 gp. (Weekly buying/ selling limit is 500m)
  14. Hellmage

    Thanks for the report maybe try ::tasks, if not I’m sure @Soccerlove or @Lou Grinder will be in touch.
  15. @Lou Grinder has the power to do this but if he were to do it, you might have to start all over on your account and the donator rank would have to be transferred! Pm on discord would probably be the best and wait for his reply!
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