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  1. Hellmage

    Hello please private message @Zod or @Lou Grinder on discord or on the forums and I assure you they will help. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hellmage

    Hello there, im glad you are enjoying the server! Hope to see you in game soon! If you need help or have any questions please type ::staff in-game and pm one of us! If no one is online feel free to join our discord @::discord in game! Cheers! (;
  3. pleas help

    1. Hellmage


      Just pm me mate.

  4. Hellmage

    We always welcome new players! Hope you like Grinderscape and I hope to see you in-game! Checkout out discord as well! Can get to our discord from our main website or when you're in game type ::discord . Cheers
  5. Hellmage


    Good job! I love seeing players max, especially on classic! Keep up the grind mate!
  6. I will be accepting your application! Your dedication towards the server and community are outstanding! Welcome to the MM team!
  7. Hellmage

    Rank added, cheers.
  8. As I know how the MM application format goes from my knowledge but please edit your application to include the question we ask, then reply with your answers. Thank you.
  9. Hellmage

    Added. Cheers
  10. Hellmage

    I have decided to ACCEPT you application! You shown great motivation and dedication in helping the community of Grinderscape! Congrats and I will pm you with more info on your wiki acc! Cheers. - Wiki Manager
  11. Hellmage

    Changed your name on forums, wait for Lou to change in-game. Can take up to 1 week.
  12. Hellmage

    Hello, sorry for your inconvenience. The owner will personally add the donator rank soon! Please be patient
  13. Hellmage

    Banned revoked, you can log in.
  14. Hellmage

    I will give you 100k bloodmoney for 2 reasons. 1) Some areas of Grinderscape is bugged and we understand it. 2) Not a lot of bloodmoney was wasted, so I will repay you for this. Please make sure your connection is 100% before fighting bosses / NPC’s. If anything like this happens again please let me know. I’ll pm you In-Game when I get a chance, Cheers.
  15. Hellmage

    I’ll talk to you soon as Lou gets back with me brother.
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