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  1. Hellmage

    Love to event/ dp idea with these rewards, gl to you and everyone who will join! Thank you for asking permission as well mate, cheers
  2. Hellmage

    Done, enjoy
  3. Hellmage

    Hello Grinderscape community, as you may all know we had some changes to the Staff team and MM team already but this will be the official thread for their promotions! We have waited a little while to get a decent list before I made this thread so it’s easier on us. Barry has been promoted to IG-Moderator Shark Black has been promoted to Server Supporter Wrath has been promoted to Server Supporter Zen21 has been promoted to Middleman Rarely Mauls has been promoted to Middleman Btartaros has been promoted to Wiki Manager Jordan has been promoted to Wiki Editor I want to congratulate all the new promotions and all the other staff/ non staff team who make Grinderscape enjoyable for everyone! Cheers
  4. Hellmage

    Thank you for the report. I’m sure he will contact you soon, please be patient! Cheers
  5. Hellmage

    No poll @Wrath! Just leave you opinion !
  6. Hellmage

    I want to give a big shout out to @Barry for going above and beyond what his rank calls for. I did some thinking and it was really close to our Global Mod @Btartaros ! I love them both but Barry stood out just a little more to me in my opinion. Taking on challenging situation In-game as well as the Wiki and Discord! Barry is a veteran when it comes to Grinderscape and he has a lot of knowledge. I want to say thank you to him and to the all the other teams that make grinderscape what it is today! Please leave a comment on your thoughts!
  7. Hellmage

  8. Hellmage

    Hello please private message me here/ discord or in-game. Cheers
  9. Hellmage

    Hello Grinderscape community, as you all may know we had some changes in the Staff Team as well as Non Staff Teams. Im proud of all of them on working hard and making the gameplay more enjoyable for everyone! Im here to make an official promotion thread for the following players; Btartaros is promoted to our Global Moderator Huntmeister is promoted to In-Game Moderator Alcotty is promoted to Server Support Hayden is promoted to Server Support Barry is promoted to Discord Manager Jordan is promoted to Discord Moderator Valar is promoted to Discord Moderator Wrath is promoted to Discord Helper Valar is promoted to Wiki image editor Wrath promoted to Wiki image editor Wrath is promoted to Middleman
  10. Hellmage

    Please private message me here or on discord some items in your bank so I can determine you're the owner. If everything check out I will unlock you account, Cheers.
  11. Hellmage

    I see where you are coming from but there really is no time difference from ::bank to ::b (maybe 1 sec if that). I do not see it being changed in the near future or at all mate because even if its ::bank it still is a great and useful command for Extreme donor and up!
  12. Hellmage

    Please wait for @Lou Grinder @Zod to verify IP address since you could not remember items in your bank. Cheers
  13. Hellmage

    Ayee, I’m glad I could be of service to you! Like I said to you and many other players; I am here to serve the community! Great appreciation for this post brother means a lot! We always love staff feedbacks and I’m glad I made a positive atmosphere for you! Cheers
  14. I see you on a lot and helpful sometimes in CC, come join us in discord and chat in there as well! Goodluck man
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