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  1. Hellmage

    Congrats man! Show everyone what you’re capable of!
  2. Hellmage

    Happy early birthday brotherman!
  3. Hellmage

    Pretty nice idea man
  4. Requesting rank: Super Donator/ Donator Primary rank(Yes/No): No Other: I understand this is was a long time ago/there are more recent ones too but have not seen anywhere where it says this isn’t valid. I was hoping Staff will consider this request as I count the totals to over 120$! Proof:
  5. Hellmage

    Should’ve made “Wrath” into the tattoo! But still looks nice brother
  6. Felt like it was nicely said! Good luck on your app!
  7. Hellmage

    Congrats man! Show everyone what you can do!
  8. Hellmage

    Gonna be sad seeing you go man, best of luck brother and hope you come back soon! Just keep an eye on us In case there are new changes!
  9. Hellmage

    Keep grinding bro!
  10. Hellmage

    I’m sure @xplicit @Lou Grinder @Zod could help you, just seems weird it won’t load. Sorry mate
  11. Hellmage

    Hmm how about turning your fire wall off? Or any security apps you may have installed
  12. Hellmage

    I would download the latest version of Java. Then if it does not load then, delete Grinderscape cashe and all the files you have and re down load it. Should work after that
  13. Hellmage

    It was early 2016, not even 5 months in! I found an email that was the second month in 2016! Hope you can make an exception if not that is totally fine!
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