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In-Game Rules

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*** The following rules have been created to make a safe environment for everyone.

Please remember that children play GrinderScape and use the GS Servers. ***

*** Golden Rule - Use Common Sense! ***

Note: If you want staff to take action for any offense you see a player commit. You must collect evidence of the rule being broken for staff to take action. This can be with pictures (Gyazo, light shot) or with a video. Please do not spam staff if you don't have proof of an offense.


All punishments listed for rules are only guidelines and punishments will vary depending on the severity of the situation.



Chat Related Offenses

Breaking any of these rules over yell will result in a worse punishment.
Soliciting others into breaking a rule (may it be provoking or blackmailing) is illegal and will result in a temporary or permanent mute depending on the situation.

  • Excessive Profanity.
  • Advertising Other Servers.
  • Staff Impersonation.
  • Cyber-Bullying, Insults, Flaming.
  • Racism, Nazism, Sexism and any other Prejudices.
  • No Discussion of illegal, or otherwise profane Topics.
  • Gibberish/Spamming, Chat-Flooding.
  • Disrespecting Members of Staff and/or Their Decisions.
  • Luring on yell

Excessive Profanity

At GrinderScape, users are given the freedom of speech. However, that freedom is not unrestricted. As GrinderScape is frequented by underage and generally young children, excessive swearing or anything else excessively profane is forbidden in order to shield that aforementioned part of the player-base. Please understand that this is to keep the impressionable out of harm's way. Those who decide not to follow this rule will be punished in the form of a verbal warning and/or temporary mute.

Advertising Other Servers

GrinderScape does not, in any way shape or form, tolerate advertising other RuneScape servers. If you are caught advertising, recruiting or trying to deceive players to join another server you will be host-muted, and by default, have no chance with an appeal. If you mention another server or talk about one unknowingly you will be asked to stop, if you continue you may be met with a short mute.

Staff Impersonation

On the basis of principle, impersonating a member of the GrinderScape Staff Team is prohibited. The consequences for breaking this rule vary depending on context: Those caught impersonating with good intentions will be warned not to do so in the future or placed in jail for 24 to 48 hours; those caught impersonating with malevolent intentions or with the goal of scamming other users will be permanently banned from the GrinderScape server. If severe enough, impersonators may also be host-banned.

Cyber-Bullying, Insults, Flaming

GrinderScape takes the insulting, harassment and bullying of its members very seriously. A member found to be actively and intentionally breaking this rule will be punished in the form of a mute. The punishment's duration will be left to the discretion of the Staff Member handling the situation, though, punishments will usually not exceed three days. If the player found to be breaking this rule persists in his/her efforts to make the game unpleasant for his/her fellow players, a temporary host-mute may be invoked.

Racism, Nazism, Sexism, or any other Prejudice

GrinderScape does not tolerate its players being prejudiced toward any sex, race or belief(We allow the term 'nigga' as long as it's not used in a racial context, which will be determined on a situation-to-situation basis by the staff). Players who break this rule will be muted for a duration up to the staff member. If however, you make an account who's username breaks this rule, the account will be banned and your items will be lost. Repeat offenders may have their ability to speak permanently revoked or be host-banned from GrinderScape.

No Discussion of illegal, or otherwise profane Topics

GrinderScape does not harbor criminals and will not tolerate the discussion of illegal activities; overly profane topics are also not welcome. The consequence for breaking this rule is a temporary mute that may be made permanent. If serious enough, players may be reported to the proper authorities.

Exception: Torrents

Gibberish/Spamming, Chat-Flooding

Though considered to be a minor offense, players found spamming or flooding the chat will be warned not to do so moving forward. If this instruction is ignored, a temporary mute will follow. The mute's duration is left to the Staff Member handling the situation in question, though, punishments will normally not exceed 36 hours. If a player decides to use an autotyper, he/she is to set the delay between messages to at least 5 seconds.
Clan spam will now be legal, as long as no profane topics are spammed.

Disrespecting Members of Staff and/or their Decisions

GrinderScape does not tolerate its Staff Members or their decisions being disrespected. If a player disagrees with the choices made or punishments given by a Staff Member, that player is to attempt to reason with the Staff Member involved. If the disagreement persists, an Administrator is to be contacted who will have final say on the situation. If the Staff Member's actions are found to be unjust, they will be corrected.


Luring on yell

Luring on Grinderscape is allowed. Luring is allowed in all other locations (Except the clan chats that have rules restricting it), we do not allow luring on yell because of the purpose yell serves. Yell is a communication method not only meant to create positive interactions between community members (especially new players) but to allow a safe method of all other activities. Luring on yell creates a negative environment that we can, and will avoid.

Action Related Offenses

  • Duping.
  • Bug abusing.
  • Account Sharing.
  • Scamming.
  • Giveaways.
  • Autoclickers.
  • Hosting Games of Chance.
  • Evading Punishments.
  • Usage of Third-Party Program for Voting
  • Harassment
  • Bypassing Gambling Systems
  • Multilogging in Wilderness
  • Boosting Points/Kills


If a player is caught abusing a method of duplicating items, they will be permanently host-banned and have all accounts pertaining to them cleared. If a player is to find a duplication method, he/she is to report it to the highest authority currently available or report on the matter on the GrinderScape Forums; players who report active duplication methods will be rewarded handsomely.


Bug Abusing

GrinderScape does not tolerate its players abusing server bugs. Players caught breaking this rule will be severely punished in the form of a permanent ban. If the abused bug is serious enough, punishments may also extend to host-bans. If a player is to find a bug, they are to report it on the Forums; those who report bugs posing serious risks to GrinderScape may be rewarded for their efforts.

Using a visual bug to lure other players is against the rules


Account Sharing.

GrinderScape prohibits the act of sharing an account between multiple players. If an account is caught being shared, it will be permanently banned from the server.



Scamming fellow GrinderScape users is prohibited. Those caught scamming other GrinderScape members will be banned; repeat offenders will be permanently banned from GrinderScape. A player caught scamming has the option of refunding his victim(s) in exchange for a more lenient punishment for their behavior (the person who was scammed will be refunded by the scammer regardless). If scammed, a player may make a Player Report on the GrinderScape Forums with sufficient evidence to prove his claims. Please note that in the case of scams involving RSGP, Staff may not assist you as GrinderScape has no authority over RuneScape.

NOTE: Loaning items is at your own risk. The Grinderscape Staff Team does not take any responsibility and are not required to help retrieve any items lent out. If you lend items to a friend and want them back, do NOT contact a staff member about this issue.



GrinderScape sees no issue in players giving away their items and allows them to do this freely. However, those found giving away their items in an effort to intentionally harm the server's economy will be severely punished. Punishments may come in the form of permanent bans and having all accounts pertaining to the player in question cleared.



Auto-Clickers provide an unfair advantage to those using them, they are prohibited at all times while playing GrinderScape. Players caught breaking this rule will receive punishments in the form of a temporary jail and the possibility of having their experience reset. Repeat offenders, though, may receive temporary or permanent bans.


Hosting Games of Chance

GrinderScape allows for games of chance. This includes all forms of player made games, this is for players who have lost interest in dicing or staking that want to try something new. This rule will be monitored heavily, as any player caught scamming using a custom made game of chance, will be banned from the server and the account will be wiped.


Evading Punishments

Players who have received host-bans or host-mutes and decide to evade their punishment will simply be given the punishment once more and have their initial punishment's duration increased. Please also note that evading punishments will significantly decrease the probability of a player's punishment appeal being accepted.


Usage of Third-Party Program for Voting

While voting is certainly beneficial to the server, here at Grinderscape we do not allow player(s) to use a third-party program so that they may avoid the 12 hour voting limit (this includes any method to bypass the 12 hour restriction, unless the votes are done at completely different locations). Restricting the usage of such programs benefits the economy, the players and the overall integrity of the server. If caught using such programs, the player will be warned and stripped of all rewards attained. Any further usage afterwards will result in harsher punishments.



While harassment is normally done verbally, we also recognize that physical harassment is a serious action that we cannot allow at Grinderscape. Harassment can range from standing on players via duel/wilderness to disrupt their gameplay, spamming duel/dice requests, ragging in the wilderness(Edgeville Wilderness only) and any other physical action that is meant to distort the gameplay of another community member. The punishment for breaking such rule is on a incident-to-incident basis and will ultimately be decided by the staff member handling the situation.


Bypassing Gambling Systems

On Grinderscape we have two specific systems for Dicing and Staking that are specifically implemented to ensure scamming does not occur. While unfortunately this happens due to player negligence, we do not allow players to make agreements on a gambling bet that bypasses our system nor do we allow players to host items for others. For example, if you want to stake 30 items and you make a "verbal agreement" to pay the two other items after the stake is over, this is bypassing our system. These situations cause tremendous amounts of scamming and prohibit staff from refunding due to the system not being properly used. If you're caught attempting to bypass the gambling systems, punishment will occur in the form of jail time and if your actions continue, you could possibly be banned.

Multilogging in Wilderness

We allow players to multilog in-game, but if the player were to multilog in wilderness there are a few differences between logging.
If you were to skill on both your accounts we won't take action towards the player, but if he/she were to PK on both so it would be 2v1 that will not be tolerated.

Boosting Points/Kills

You're not allowed to boost points or kills in wilderness with your own account or with a friend, If you are caught doing this you will be punished.
Everytime we catch you boosting the punishment will be increased as end result in a perm ban.


Trade Related Offenses

  • Buying/Selling/Giving away Accounts.
  • Buying/Selling RuneScape Membership PINs.
  • Trading Third Party Currency.
  • Trading RSGP.
  • Selling/Buying Dicer/Super Donator Ranks.
  • Selling Items/Accounts for Real Life Wealth/Gain.

Buying/Selling/Giving away Accounts

Players of GrinderScape are prohibited from buying, selling or giving away GrinderScape accounts. Any account found to have been bought, sold or given away will be permanently banned.

Buying/Selling RuneScape Membership PINs

GrinderScape forbids its players from buying or selling RuneScape Membership PINs. Those caught infringing upon this rule will receive severe punishments ranging from temporary to permanent bans. The exact duration is left to the Staff Member's discretion. Repeatedly breaking this rule may result in being host-banned.

Trading Third Party Currency

You are not allowed to sell/buy any kind of 3rd party currency with Grinderscape items or gold. It doesn't matter what it is, may it be Microsoft Points or iTunes cards. If you get caught doing one of the things mentioned above, you will be permanently host-banned.

Trading RSGP

GrinderScape allows its users to freely trade RSGP provided an Official Middleman is used during the transaction. Trades where Rsgp is involved are only allowed when you use an OMM. If you choose not to use an OMM and get caught, you will be punished

Members who are blacklisted will not be allowed to buy any rsgp at all.
Merching Rsgp is something we don't allow either
A list of Official Middlemen can be found here.

Selling/Buying Dicer/Super Donator Ranks.

Members of GrinderScape are prohibited from selling Dicer and/or Super Donator Ranks or buying them for other members under any circumstances. Those caught breaking this rule will be severely punished; punishments range from jail time to permanent bans and host-bans.

Selling Items/Accounts for Real Life Wealth/Gain

Though GrinderScape permits the trading of RSGP on its server, doing so in order to make financial gain is strongly prohibited and will result in being permanently host-banned. As this is a matter of zero-tolerance those punished for infringing upon this rule may not appeal their punishments; any appeals made for breaking this rule will be denied by default.

Buying/Selling GrinderScape currency/items via Third Party Websites

Selling or buying GrinderScape gold, items, accounts or services third party websites, or simply attempting to, is strongly prohibited. As GrinderScape Staff is, through the use of various tracking and identification techniques and methods, able to identify your GrinderScape identity, violators will be found and severely punished for their actions. The consequence for breaking this rule is being host-banned indefinitely; appeals made for breaking this rule will be denied by default.

GrinderScape reserves the right to edit these rules at any time without prior notice.
It is the player's duty to read and understand the rules, as they will be held accountable for their actions.

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