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  1. Isaac

    Nicely done! Congratulations on wiki manager @Maranami!
  2. Isaac

    Congratulations to all promotions made!
  3. Isaac

    Congratulations to all promotions and @Wrath thank you for contributing towards the server, We will see you around .
  4. Isaac

    Merry Christmas wonderful people!
  5. Hi Isaac, I seem to be having trouble downloading the client.

    Could you advise as it's downloading as a internet explore file even when I have Java installed. 

    1. Isaac


      Hey @Santa Skills you should download JarFix to convert the client back into java! click here to download JarFix!

  6. Isaac

    Congratulations to all the babes with their new fancy badge!
  7. Isaac

    Gratz to all. Love, Isaac
  8. Isaac

    Moving on is part of life, take care dude.
  9. can u look into my account why is locked?

    1. Isaac


      Maybe something went wrong with logging in or you filled in your pin wrongly, post here to get your lock looked into https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/124-submit-lock-appeal/ @chrismaynard

  10. Isaac

    Congratulations guys, Well done. Also sad to see some faces leave
  11. Isaac

    Didn't expect this, good to see though.
  12. Isaac

    Welcome back my son hope you feel good in your new home.
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