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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a great day brotha ❤️

    1. Mastav


      Happy Birthday homie

  2. Sick bb thanks for the cool update
  3. Isaac

    What do you mean exactly with skilling tomb, something like wintertodt boss?
  4. Hi Isaac, I seem to be having trouble downloading the client.

    Could you advise as it's downloading as a internet explore file even when I have Java installed. 

    1. Isaac


      Hey @Santa Skills you should download JarFix to convert the client back into java! click here to download JarFix!

  5. Isaac

    Thank you for the guide, it's well constructed .
  6. can u look into my account why is locked?

    1. Isaac


      Maybe something went wrong with logging in or you filled in your pin wrongly, post here to get your lock looked into https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/124-submit-lock-appeal/ @chrismaynard

  7. Isaac


    It's sad to see you leave I wish you the best out there, If you ever need to talk my door is open.
  8. Isaac

    The rule says only Excessive Profanity I don't really see a problem with the word 'shit'. Also when it's not directed to someone or playing dumb around it, it's totally fine. @lisaxx
  9. Isaac


    Didn't ask but nice bank, keep it up my son.
  10. hey could u check my ban status ? 

  11. Try the command ::Tasks or gain a few xp more that should fix it
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