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  1. Stay off my forum noob

    jk love meΒ 

    1. Timebrawler


      what the heck '-'Β 

  2. 3 hours ago hmmmm

  3. Really amazing update @Lou Grinder one of my favorites by far Really ironman friendly and i wonder why '-'
  4. Timebrawler

    yooooooo massive update, legit im so heckin happy for eternal glory & the fact that ironmen can now buy bonds from the participation pt shop good work lou '-'
  5. Timebrawler

    Good guide @Tradeable but max xp isn't 200m it's 250m Other than that it was very well written
  6. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY heckin finally really good update man
  7. I hear this guy was once the biggest nub of them all '-'

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