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  1. Timebrawler

    thanks again, won't let you down man
  2. Timebrawler

    Awww sad to see you go man hope life treats you well
  3. Timebrawler

    Congratulations everyone im sure you will all do great '-' You're still noobs tho
  4. Timebrawler

    congrats!! now im the only forum only staff >.<
  5. Timebrawler

    Really amazing update @Lou Grinder one of my favorites by far Really ironman friendly and i wonder why '-'
  6. The staff team just had a discussion about anything that needed to be changed and the complaints of players skilling in the wilderness came up so we had a talk about it, And the staff team @Zod & @Lisa included as they make the final decisions around here, we decided from now on you are only allowed to kill players skilling in the wilderness 3 times per 2 hrs. - Grinderscape Staff Team
  7. Timebrawler

    It'd have to be manual bc coding such a system would be too much extra work & effort that could be spent on an ingame update instead
  8. Timebrawler

    I would be very strict about spamming or just posting for the fun of it. Anyone caught doing that would definitely get punished and would never receive a reward again
  9. Hello everyone last night the team was discussing the possibility of introducing Forum rewards with ingame items / currency These rewards would be given to people for being active on the forums example being 100 post count, 250, 500, 750, 1k and this would more than likely have a cap maybe being 5k? We're not sure because right now this is just a conversation not a set plan. We want your opinions on the idea, if you have any suggestions to add to it feel free to comment below. The reason we're discussing this is we want the forums to be more active, we un
  10. Timebrawler

    Congratulations to you both, hope you enjoy your stay with us velvet
  11. Timebrawler

    yooooooo massive update, legit im so heckin happy for eternal glory & the fact that ironmen can now buy bonds from the participation pt shop good work lou '-'
  12. Timebrawler

    am first, much wow, very staff, will doge the heckin frick out of this place '-' much thank you
  13. Timebrawler

    Good guide @Tradeable but max xp isn't 200m it's 250m Other than that it was very well written
  14. Timebrawler

    congratulations everyone! :0 good to see some old faces return to the team once again
  15. Timebrawler

    Nope the atmosphere of the server is different so it's just not right
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