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Clan Chat Rules

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"Help" clan chat of Grinderscape 


Grinderscape has a community clan chat which you are automatically a part of when you first start your journey here! This clan chat is called "Help" and this clan chat is ran by the Staff Members of Grinderscape. This clan chat is for player who are in need of  assistance with content, bosses, prices, skilling, and more! There are certain rules regarding this clan chat that some players are not aware of or do not follow because they are not aware of these rules. Some rules regarding this clan chat are listed below;

- No swearing 

- No advertising

- No arguing/ flaming

- No false information ( Any info regarding In-game content can be found at @::prices, @::staff, @::mm!) 

- No luring ( You can not advertise drops party inside the wilderness and then kill the player )

- English only in clan chat

- No enforcement of rule breaking inside the clan chat ( Do not deviate from @::prices or trade 07gp without mm, ect. ) 

There are certain punishments for each rule that is broken which means a player can be warned, jailed, muted and even banned. Staff Members are not above these rules and will get punished as well. Please be very responsible and mature about these rules as they can get you in trouble. Some rules about this clan  channel are different from In-Game rules which can be found here.   



Note: These rules can be added or subtracted at any time but the Staff Members of Grinderscape! There are just some of the guide lines for In-game “Help” clan channel

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