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Clan Chat Rules


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*** Golden Rule - Use Common Sense! ***


Note: If you want staff to take action for any offense you see a player commit. You must collect evidence of the rule being broken for staff to take action. This can be with pictures (Gyazo, light shot) or with a video. Please do not spam staff if you don't have proof of an offense.

Note: All punishments listed for rules are only guidelines and punishments will vary depending on the severity of the situation.

Note: Player are allowed to make their own Clan Channel but most rules still apply. If a Clan Channel have 3 or more major reports then they are subject for deletion and the Clan Owner may be subject for In-game punishment.

Note: Please remember that all rules apply for the Help Clan Channel.




Clan Chat Related Offenses

Breaking any of these rules over yell will result in a worse punishment.
Soliciting others into breaking a rule (may it be provoking or blackmailing) is illegal and will result in a temporary or permanent mute depending on the situation.



Other Languages

GrinderScape prohibits players from speaking any other language than English inside the Clan Channel. 

Punishment: Warn - 2nd Warn - Temporary mute - Temporary IP mute




Advertising Other Private Servers (RSPS)

GrinderScape prohibits players from advertising any other Runescape Private Servers (RSPS). This includes In-Game invites, Discord invites, Private Message invites. A warning will only be given out if we determine it is an unintentional discussion.

Punishment:  Warn - Host ban - Super ban


Excessive Profanity

GrinderScape prohibits players from using Excessive Profanity. Excessive Profanity is a chat related offense that uses obscene curse words directed at players to make them feel inferior . Players are allowed to casually swear but excessive profanity is not allowed.

Punishment: Warn - Temporary mute - Temporary IP mute - Permanent IP mute



Disrespecting In-Game Staff / Forum Staff / OMM

GrinderScape prohibits players from Disrespecting any Staff Member(s) and or Official middlemen (OMM). Disrespecting is classified as showing lack of respect for a certain action taken. This includes any punishment(s) a Staff Member or Middleman may take against your account. 

Punishment: Warn - Temporary mute - Temporary ban - Temporary IP ban - Permanent IP ban



Arguing & Flaming

GrinderScape prohibits players from Arguing or Flaming inside the Clan Channel. This includes Boss deaths, Player death, or any other heater conversation between another player.

Punishment: Warn - Temporary jail - Temporary mute - Temporary IP mute - Temporary ban



GrinderScape prohibits players from Luring. Luring is classified as attempting to bring someone somewhere by offering some form of reward or false information. This includes Clan chat, Yell, Private message, and General chat.

Punishment: Warn - Temporary jail - Temporary IP mute - Temporary IP ban



False Information 

GrinderScape prohibits players from giving out false information. This includes prices, rules, and any other information that hinders a player game-play.

Punishment: Warn - Temporary jail - Temporary mute - Temporary ban - Temporary IP ban




Note: Most In-game rules correspond with Clan Chat rules. Read the In-game rules to fully understand what we allow, what we don't allow, as well as the consequence(s) you could face. In-game rules can be found here.


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