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Lou Grinder

Mini Bug Fixes V2

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Tabs used to disappear even when the player was not able to teleport.

- Revenant caves pillars far distance teleportation fixed.

- Added the new Emblem trader in the wilderness who trades artifacts dropped by revenants.

- Valuing abyssal bludgeon and some items closes the interface.

- Ice/Smoke/Blood barrage combat bug fixed.

- Unequipping some items now works properly again.

- Hunter bug mass clicking fixed.

- Clue scroll equipment bug fixed.

- Selling artifacts is now only available in the revenant's cave.

- Fixed agility obstacles XP bug.

- Removed godsword making permanent message.

- Fixed auto casting with air staff.

- Fixed agility skillcape equipment requirements.

- Fixed Kree'arra not spawning.

- Fixed torn robe equip bug.


P.S: This is a mini update to support the upcoming one.

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