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  1. If my suggestion means anything I'd suggest putting a teleport/npc area over there. Maybe bring all the npcs that are scattered around home (boss contractor, slayer masters, ancient wizard etc) and put them in one location. Add maybe some boss teleport portals, or event portals etc. You could even extend the skilling area too and maybe add a few trees for wc or ores for mining.
  2. N Z L

    nice vids mate, had already watched ur video of you opening boxes too. Keep us updated on future posts
  3. Requesting rank: Extreme Member Primary rank(Yes/No): Yes Proof:
  4. Very good work bro, can’t wait for your future posts #dontwannaspoiltoomuch
  5. N Z L

    Congrats on promotion boys, thanks for making server a better place. Best of luck to hunt and Hayden on you future endeavors
  6. N Z L

    Have u heard this dude? His technicality is legendary
  7. N Z L

    Could have sworn it was 69
  8. N Z L

    Can’t wait! If you would like a small donation to add to event etc just lemme know bro
  9. N Z L

    Why did I even watch this
  10. N Z L

    good work bro! always see you grinding
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