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  1. Anyone able to make a 3D signature?

    Inquired weeks ago, but haven't heard anything yet.

    Happy Easter to everyone also ❤️

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    2. Wrath


      i mean i got a spare laptop but its just for school work, and yea..blieve it or not they sell laptops with 100gb hard drives... ill try getting a job if i can after this semester. maybe buy somethign nice for myself for once other than liquor lol. i heard alienware is to expensive for the price though, was thinking of just making my own honestly


    3. 𝓜𝓻1𝓐𝓭𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷
    4. Class Starts

      Class Starts

      Out of all honesty, I really only got an Alienware for my development course I finished end of last year & yeah they are pretty pricey, but I wanted it for the quality more than just for it's price tag :)

      I've already owned it a few months and have it up for sale, in hopes I can get a decent price back for it, although I've only been asking $2500 for it, half the price I paid for it.

      But overall they're a decent laptop, does wonders for me :P

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