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Jar's Gambling guide


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Hello everybody! This is a guide for how to gamble on Grinderscape !

There are 2 types of gambling games!

Flower Poker ( FP ) and First To 3 ( FT3 )

You will need dice or dice bag to play First To 3 ( FT3 )

And mithril seeds to play Flower Poker ( FP ) !

You can get mithril seeds and dices from gambler ( FOR FREE )

For teleporting to gambling zone type ::dice ( INSIDE THE GAME )






Flower Poker - Each player must plant 5 flowers in a row !

Example -


Both sides have 2 oranges and the other flowers do not match ! ! !

- That means both players have 1 pair so its a Rematch!

- If both players have 2 PAIRS = Rematch,

- If both players have 3 OF A KIND = Rematch

- If both players have FULL HOUSE = Rematch


If one of the players has a stronger hand = WINNER ! ! !

The picture below shows all of the hands from first to last -

weakest to the strongest.


White or Black Flowers = Replant ( Rematch )





First to 3 ( FT3 ) - Both players roll dice or dice bag 3-5 times

Each player rolls ( ONE AT A TIME ) 

The first player to get 3 times higher roll % Wins!

Example  -



Jar got     -  32%, 72% and 45%

6l6l6 got  -  16%, 33% and 12%

That means Jar won 3 - 0

Good luck to everybody ! ! !

Gambling is 50 - 50  ! ! !

be careful not to lose everything ! ! !

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Nice guide, maybe just edit the wins to include one pair? You jumped from 2pair to no pair but otherwise nice and clear guide

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Great effort :)

usefull guide !

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