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Jar's Slayer Guide


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Welcome to Jar's quick Slayer guide!

Everybody does slayer! so lets begin by starting off where to get a task? 

Edgevillage has 2 slayer masters, Turael and Vannaka wich are both for lower levels!

You will need 5 slayer points to obtain a Enchanted gem 1620457958_slayergem.png.10d9459c6cced7e17d98fadefee46a32.png from any slayer master!

Slayer is a great way to make bloodmoney for that juicy elite void !

if you finish a task from Turael you will recive abit more than 2,400 bloodmoney

if you finish a task from Vannaka you will recive exactly than 10,890 bloodmoney

You can teleport to your slayer task using a enchanted gem by clicking Activate  gem.png.b6924d028ffa2f5a155a047e63631bca.png


there is also a higher level slayer master called Duradel if you finish a task from given by Duradel

you will recive exactly 31,944 bloodmoney, you can teleport to Duradel with slayer's enchantment slayer.png.e7fb76d37d6a012c10b27116af56ac05.png


slayer's enchantments are obtainable from monsters 

poison spiders in taverly dungeon (level 64) droprate 100%, 1/1 (use anti-poison potions)

scorpions in al-kharid mining cavern (level 14)  droprate 10%, 1/10

black bears in east Ardougne (level 19) Droprate 10%, 1/10

greater demons in karamja dungeon (level 96) droprate 10%, 1/10 (Slash boss teleport)



good luck with you're Grinderscape Adventure ! ! !

- Jar 



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keep up the good work bro :) it looks good :) 

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i don't want to be a hater but there are alot of slayer guides Xd not really needed.  but nice guide :)

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