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update Coin reward for experience formula explanation

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As many of you know already, we have a mechanics In-game that rewards players with coins for performing skilling tasks,
the amount of coins awarded to the player is based on the amount of experience gained by performing the task
and the player's skill level in the skill in which the experience was gained.


Link to graph: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/riwmhtpdac


  • X-axis is the experience gain (horizontal)
  • Y-axis is the coin output (vertical)

The old function used for determining the amount of rewarded coins is graphed below:



As can be derived from the graph, the amount of coins gained per experience is extremely high and applies to any skilling related event.



In an effort to reduce this huge influx of money spawning into the game, we have adjusted the formula shown above to the following:




We recognise this will have a drastic impact on the monetary value of skilling supplies and that it
will significantly hurt the net worth of players that have been hoarding these items. 
However we deem this a necessary step to prevent more damage from being done
to the economy and we hope most of you will agree with that sentiment.



Over time the value of money will increase again and with that
also the relative monetary value of the affected skilling supplies.
To speed up this process, we will introduce other ways to reduce money in the game.


Let us know your thoughts, we're open for other ideas to inceltivize skilling.

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