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1-99 Hunter in 3 hours!

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(Rough format for now will Update when I get to a computer)

Hello all!

i wanted to share a discovery I made about hunter and how you can efficiently get to 99 in 3-5 hours, depending on your game mode and attention to the game. 

right! Let’s get started!

So be warned from the start:


And is the most hated and (not in reality) the slowest skill in the game (according to others I’ll debunk this)

Anyway, on to the basics:


To begin you will use ::shops, run west into the room full of stores and find the “SKILLING SHOP” 

There you will buy only one thing: Box traps. 5 to be exact. 

From there use the skilling teleport to teleport to “HUNTER ISLAND” 

It is here you will be training from 1-80 hunter. 

To Start run west towards copper long tails, you only need to catch 1-2 laying your box trap (yes, you can catch birds with box traps... and chinchompas with bird traps and vice versa. I choose box traps because it’s easier to tell when you’ve caught something)



This is key! Critical! To my method and is why hunter, when you want to get real exp. on Grinderscape, is NOT AFK. 

Here is the trick:

Standing on the same tile as a hunter prey and placing a trap with both of you in the Same Tile will ALWAYS Trigger the prey to interact with the trap in grinderscape. This doesn’t mean you will catch it, you can still fail and you will have to disassemble and reassemble. 

using this method though you can expect to catch a prey every 5-8 seconds (I’ve tested this extensively).. 

When you unlock multiple traps you will want to use all your traps EXCEPT ONE to set around an area close but not where you are doing the active trapping to afk and idle while you hunt. Doing this you can rack up a couple extra prey a minute, increasing your xp. I WOULD NOT open a trap though unless at least two in the same vicinity have been triggered, as it is faster otherwise to just keep on with the active hunting. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Moving too fast after disassembling/Checking a trap before the animation is over may glitch the game, causing you to be able to use less traps. Try to take care not to do this as I’ve gotten down to not being able to place traps at all. Like I said, hunter is BUGGED! You can always mitigate this by logging out and in a few times and seeing if you have any traps you’ve placed pop up and picking them up. 

(again don’t worry I’ll add photos and gifs to explain later or just pm me in game and I’ll show you personally how it’s done.)

Anyway, here is what you want to hunt using this method until 80 at the hunter island. Do note the levels I put for some prey are higher than the levels you unlock them at, that is because until you are 5-10+ levels higher than the level you unlock them at your catch rate is too low to compare to the xp rates of lower level prey that you succeed at catching more often:

1-~13ish Copper Longtail (west side of island)

13-30 Various birds (grouped together south of island. Reference hunter guide in game for what you can catch at your level and aim for that.)

30-60 Rabbits. (West side of island. I did rabbits over ferrits because they are more clustered together and they are more in number)

60-80 Chinchompas (north side of island)

Alright! You’ve survived hunter island, can lay five traps, and now you can move to catching Black Chinchompas in the wild. 

This is where your xp picks up. 

Getting to 80 should take anywhere from an 1 to 1 and a half hours. 80-99 will take around 2-3. 

How?! Didn’t someone say it took them 8? 6??? That it’s slow??? Yeah, it is, if you don’t use my method. 

again, here you will place 4 traps around the center of the chinchompa area clustered right next to each other. While waiting for those run around the perimeter actively catching (standing on same tile set trap, will activate it immediately) the black chinchompas. You should be able to get one actively every 5-8 seconds, averaging around 6 seconds per chinchompa. This will net you the following xp (adjust to your mode. I play Ironman so this is based off of me:

12,760 XP Per Black Chinchompa

If I catch 12 a minute (10 from active and 2 from the afk traps)

I am getting 150k a minute. 

now, it’s not a perfect world and you can’t expect to be glued to your screen for a straight hour so I’d say it’s more realistic to get around 120k, missing a couple chins here and there. 

Let’s run with the 120k, multiply by 60 and see what we get for the hour:

7,200,000 xp!!!


thats fast compared to other skills even! 

So, classic players will experience less xp but they should see around 4m+ an hour, which will mean they can get to 99 from 80 in around 2 1/2 — 3 hours or so. 

regular and Ironman can get there much quicker at 1 1/2 - 2 hours of hunting.


i hope this helps some people out and we can all get back to skills we like and knock hunter out of the way quicker :) 

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