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Rune Crafting Guide 1-99 Easy - By Infected

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hello guys . hope you all good :)

here is a new rune crafting guide for the new server update 16 june 2020 .


let's begin !


first of all meet the new Rune Crafting guy . "Mage Of Zamorak"


You can find him at @home between the bank and prayer altar:



1). enter his shop by trade him , And purchase air talisman + 27 pure essence . (for free)


2). once you've got it , right click on the talisman and use "locate" 


you will be teleported to the altar and this guy will be next to it .



this guy will be at every altar your going .

so you just need to keep buying pure essences from him and craft them until you reach level 99 :) 


Levels Table :

air.png.e9aa5007e3c8eb5cc5ee3a864f6cb135.png Air Rune 1-2

mind.png.7b6b8b55dbe412bd52cb2ff7a5a7fe74.png Mind Rune 2-5

water.png.7d1a38f1da8b3aec196675c36fc330a6.png Water Rune 5-9

earth.png.fec7ce681a4b452442dedbb3f8203b51.png Earth Rune 9-14

fire.png.cc9ec21462989ac00fd88feeaeec24ef.png Fire Rune 14-20

body.png.f7b05ae9d3849e2b870ef9c3aaf833c4.png Body Rune 20-27

cosmic.png.4defb84b2bcb81d6a60ee45837c1c47d.png Cosmic Rune 27-35

chaos.png.2b2cb7e9b441aa0e72c8ab4ddf2907d6.png Chaos Rune 35-44

nature.png.f3ec07489bb1100ed14e6b1d9228965a.png Nature Rune 44-54

law.png.e168ed34dd39e2d30ea2713babc9ff5c.png Law Rune 54-65

Deathh.png.c7d66e533644433c12c6815cd7461dff.png Death Rune 65-77

blood.png.c63dffab4200e5a9a90fd53531d08697.png Blood Rune 77-99


Good luck and enjoy !

Edited by Infected
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Short and sweet. Only missing the xp's for each mode and the quantity, but overall a nice guide. keep it up

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