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Hey all,

When I joined the server I noticed that many boss guides included gear that were far from obtainable for me. I procrastinated on many bosses untill I had the gear close to the guides. But what If you could actually kill these monsters with basic stats and budget gear? Follow me along as I try to find valid methods to take on the fiercest oponents! Reply with the monster you like me to take on, and I might try to get it done.


Mutant Tarn



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All the best with this mission, I applaud you big time for this.

As most bosses & other things in-game take good gear to kill things, that isn't always the case. I've done things that seem impossible, and made it possible by doing it a different way/lower budget gear. For example, I know this isn't RS3 related, but for an example I managed to kill Arraxi in low budget range gear (Red D'hide, fury etc etc) & I managed to do so on a different server.

I will be following this to keep updated on your progress, good luck mate!

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Very nice to see that you are doing this! Will be helpful for players who are looking for challenges or want to save and boss on a budget. Good luck as well 👍

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