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    Bugs and Fixes: - Revenant ether is now tradeable. - Items that used to bug out while being in the noted shape no longer happens. - Changes to overlayItemIcon to fully support placeholders. - Can now rearrange placeholders. - The old version of the spacebar to continue dialogue removed. - All banking withdraw actions except withdraw-1 do not trigger atInventoryInterface anymore to match OSRS. - Timer buttons (bank deposit buttons) now will support any button with a timerSpeed instead of just those two buttons. - A new version of the spacebar to continue dialogue added. - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys to select dialogue added. - Added login error messages for when username or password is empty to match OSRS. - Added setting text input to the login input when those login errors occur to match OSRS. - Minimap marking adjusted to rotate properly in resizable mode. - Minimap marking safe region in resizable mode adjusted to prevent marks from extending outside the minimap border. - Compass rotating adjusted to rotate properly in resizable mode. - Enter to skip login screen added to match OSRS. - Fixed a bug where clicking the 'New User' button on the login screen in the same region that the 'Cancel' button is would click both. - Adjusted clan chat message sending to match OSRS. - Added tab buttons' remove placeholders action. - Added release all placeholders button. - Removed sorting of items when checking if a bank container is empty. - Fixed bug where the main tab could be empty when the bank is not. - Added support for switching placeholders to containers (e.g. creating a bank tab using a placeholder). - Tab collapsing made more efficient. - Weapon minigame is now fixed and playable. - Fixed edge wilderness now showing upon entry. - Shorter get time elapsed in quest tab to show properly. - Join date now shows in dd/mm/yyyy date format. - Keybindings bug fixes & savings. - Mystery box appearing in ancient magic spellbook bug fixed. - A small fix for action delays is now more efficient. Content: - New bank system: (Thanks to Xplicit) * Tab buttons work just like OSRS. * Tab rearranging just like OSRS, designed to work with any sprite so supports digits/roman numerals setting. * Can swap/insert/drag items into different tabs from inside the main tab. * Item dragging all handled where it normally is for a container, no drawing of it over the interface, also item drag scrolling works like OSRS where it doesn't scroll if in the bank tabs area and a delay for activating scrolling up to prevent any jittering when dragging an item to the bank tabs area. * Any empty slots at the beginning of a tab get sorted out. * Tab collapsing/collapse all tabs. * Menu options same as OSRS, with a custom last x value that is saved server-side. * Wear/Wield option added to inventory items (only gets added to items with that option in their itemdef actions), can shift-click to wear/wield (might change this to control in case it is confusing with shift-click dropping). * 100% Client sided searching, can swap/insert/drag items into different tabs while searching. * Bank settings menu (only has the tab display options for now), uses the same interface. * Height of bank adjusts in resizable. * Most interface components look as they do on OSRS. - Added support for 2 new types of automatic backgrounds (pre eoc styles). - Quest tab revamp: * Achievements overhaul. * Achievements now show in proper order. * Redone the whole quest tab system and buttons to be much smoother. * Quest tab interface handling. * Tab scrolling handling system. - Shop searching feature: * Can be removed/added for any of our game shops. * Allows the player to quickly search for the item looking for. Enjoy!
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    New Server Supporter Jewdudelol

    We are here to congruatulate @Jewdudelol today, He has been promoted to Server supporter. The first two weeks will be trial as normal, Again congruatulations from the whole staff team! Love, Grinderscape staff team
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    Although I did my best to test everything fully, if you find any bugs be sure to report them and I will get them fixed!

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