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  1. Cem

    I want to Trade-In 200 Osrs Tokens please.
  2. really really good suggestion, i hope this will be implented
  3. Cem

    i try to make a vid when im at home
  4. There is a Bug when i climb a ladder or go through rifts its logging me out, for example: -when i go to the cave from jungle demon i get logged out -in dagganooths lair it happend tom by climbing a ladder i think it happens when you go to next room and spam clicking to run, maybe thats the cause
  5. I hope you guys remakeing or fixing boss contracts because people spend money and it doesnt work, some bugs in it for example: -Ice Troll King doesnt count when you kill -Callisto doesnt count when you kill -Drunken dwarf still in the tasks and is there a possibility to get refund for all the money spend?
  6. Cem

    i like your idea and nice suggestion from you west
  7. Cem

    welcome back, i dont know you but nice to see old players coming back
  8. Really really good update, i like how the Dev team is giving all his power to make the server great evry day. really big and nice updates in the last weeks, you doing a great job for the server! thanks for you work dev team!
  9. Cem

    congratulations Flower, you will be a great Staff Member
  10. for me its a yes( idk if i can vote). your helping alot and you are really active with helping and stuff. good luck on the application.
  11. Cem

    I think that would be a nice Feature, espacally for Iron man this would be very useful :)
  12. Cem

    1. Make the colorchange function for Skillcapes with maxed XP 2. Make like a Fountain where you can change BM into GP (like 1.5rate) 3. Make a better eco, with something like PoS or a GE like thing, its annoying to try selling stuff for hours... 4. General Store that buying evrything, and other players can buy it out of it. (i think that was in old GS) 5. Change the cash rewards for xp in classic mode, classic takes 3times longer but gets the same reward like regular. 6. Work on bugs Thank you for your Good Work on that Server to all people
  13. Cem

    Hey, i want to trade in 100 Osrs tokens from my Skiller acc Sultan
  14. Cem

    Hello together i just wanted to post some of my suggestions -Skill cape color changing with max xp like it was years ago -make slayer rewards beeing chooseable like i want bm as reward or cash -work at bugs, that the content you guys added in the last updates work rightly and you can concentrate on the next Ideas you got in your mind -bring a general store who buys evrything, like skill supplies or low level gear that OSRS Store isnt taking -Titles would be nice and big Thanks to all guys who working on and for that server to get the things right, you added nice content make a great work, really appreciatie your time investment. sorry for my bad english and have a nice day
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