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  1. Really really good update, i like how the Dev team is giving all his power to make the server great evry day. really big and nice updates in the last weeks, you doing a great job for the server! thanks for you work dev team!
  2. @Lou Grinder Thanks for that big update exactly when i came back from istanbul love to see all these new Content and fixes thanks to the staff and all who had his hands in this Big update
  3. Very nice guide @Lomax really helpful and nice for Informations for new Players. Thanks for your work on that mate
  4. Cem

    Thanks for the Fixes and the work you put in the Server!
  5. Thats some big nice Update! thanks Lou and the whole Team to make Gribderscape great again! I love all the new Content and Improvments, but i am missing a Shop to sell my Junk items. i hope that will come in some time
  6. Cem

    Very nice guide! i hope to see more of you
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