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  1. Daxx

    Hello Nexxy, We cannot give you any ranks without providing us proof as it's a requirement. Please try find some sort proof and PM me it then I'll give you the rank, Thanks!
  2. Daxx

    Nice, only if you got white elegant skirt I've got the top.
  3. Daxx

    Welcome mate!
  4. Daxx

    Hey guys, I'll be absent from the 20th - 23rd of September due to me being confirmed that I have a boxing fight coming up on the 22nd. Thought I should let you all know early
  5. Daxx

    Thanks for the shoutout, love you too.
  6. Pending, very nice application! I loved it although, I'd love to see a bit more from you, helping in-game in general, making guides, etc. Please re-apply when you fee like you're ready!
  7. Daxx

    Happy birthday Dikke Neus & Lil Ez!
  8. Daxx

    Obviously the In-game Co-owner will have some permissions like viewing player reports, appeals and replying to them etc lol...
  9. Hello Grinderscape Community, Today I'm happy to release my 2nd update within this month! * Templates I've added to applications. (Some might sections won't show as they need to be accepted, will be fixed by the morning.) - Graphic Designer Application Section and Template fixed. - YouTuber Application Template fixed. I've also added 2 new small sections attached to "Greetings" which is. - Holiday & Breaks - Introduction *Ranks. Graphic Designer Manager; Daxx - I'll be the Graphic Designer Manager for now until we find someone who is worth the promotion and who is wanting to take the position but for the time being it will be me. Co-Owner; We've decided to change the rank "Co-Owner" around a bit and split it up. There will now be a In-game Co-owner and a Forum Co-owner, it's pretty simple, the Forum co-owner WON'T have any permissions In-game and the In-game Co-owner won't have any permissions on the Forums. Lou hasn't decided on who will be the In-game Co-owner for now but I will be the Forums Co-owner. Middleman Team & Trading Rsgp; Just going to make it a bit clear, I believe the Middleman Application is currently open and they're looking for people to apply for the rank, you can do so by simply clicking HERE. ATM as you may realise, Rsgp trading is NOT allowed for the time being until the Eco is stable. There will be a announcement to once we allow Rsgp trading. (Mentioned it because people kept on being asked about when it will be allowed.) Remember to read the "Read before applying" just before you apply to become a OMM! (Official Middleman) You can read it by clicking HERE. *Wiki Thought I should just let you all know that the Wiki is about 90% completed which is amazing and I'd like to thank the Wiki Editors for putting in a lot of effort towards the Wiki and making it accurate. Thanks for reading, Daxx
  10. Daxx

    Everyone enter now! Twisted bow has been added into first place thanks to the lovely donation from @Gruntmaster
  11. Daxx

    Fantastic update once again, keep up the good work !
  12. Fantastic explanation on creating this thread Entry fee, very professional. I've personally experienced a couple of these types of situations and it's hard. The In-Game Staff Members CANNOT do any actions towards another member without having proof to why they're doing the action they did such as Mute/Jail or Ban. So please don't hate staff members because "apparently" they're not doing their job right because they didn't listen to you when you had no proof... (something I've experienced in my life of being a In-Game Staff Member.) [Happens in a lot of servers]
  13. Hello Everyone, To take part in the Outfit Giveaway, you need to remember to follow what is needed and try to match the theme as much as possible. Theme; Skilling How to enter the outfit contest? Simply pm me on here (Forums) or either Discord and provide a picture of your outfit. This is what the picture should look like. Rewards 1st Place; Bandos Tasset & Twisted Bow 2nd Place; DWH (Dragon Warhammer) 3rd Place; Malediction & Odium Ward Best of luck to everyone, thanks to everyone who is entering!
  14. Daxx

    Hello everyone! I'm going to suggest same new changes to the Dice Game. This is what I think would be good and easier instead of Lou remaking the old dice game & location. 1) Have the dice game location at Falador Party Room. (Can get there quick by typing ::dice or teleport by clicking mini-games > Dice Game) 2) Add command called ::bag which then a Dice Bag will spawn in your inventory. NOTE; You can only use the Dice Bag at the Falador Party Room. 3) Add these gambling games to the dice bag > 55x2, Black Jack and Flower Poker. 4) ONLY people with the Dicer Rank can use the Dice bags and can use the ::bag command. If you'd like to suggest some other things, feel free to comment down below! @Lou Grinder