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  1. Daxx

    I love the idea, also having the rank "Wiki Contributor". Obviously there will need to be rules about it or there should be at least.. Personally, I think you need to be consistent with the help towards the Wiki to be able to keep the rank as people would just help once or a couple times and just stop once they receive the rank and use it as a "Show off" rank.
  2. Daxx

    Morning/Afternoon peeps, After a while of thinking if I should start playing PC games, I've finally decided to jump back on and start playing Grinderscape again. A quick update of my background, I'm a Kiwi but currently living in Australia and in the middle of making Music. I first ever Joined Grinderscape back in 2011 and played up to 2018, 7 Years straight. It's awesome seeing some old faces around! It's called GRINDERscape for a reason, Get on with da grind.. See you all In-Game, Daxx
  3. Requesting rank: Ironman Primary rank(Yes/No): No Proof: https://imgur.com/RdLsJoJ
  4. Heck yeah, good work bud!
  5. Daxx

    Hey peeps, Just like to make a quick suggestion for the community. For a couple of days now, new people/old people have been messaging me in-game asking if there's a public/helping Cc etc, I'd like to suggest that when you create an account it automatically joins or if the old players were in Help cc and they have returned, they automatically get transferred.
  6. In-game rank request: Respected Proof; Visit my profile on the forums, although.. I've heard that Forums is separate to In-game? If that's the case then I believe that I've earnt the Respected rank In-game.
  7. Requesting rank: Veteran Primary rank(Yes/No): No Proof: You all know I'm a Veteran, I used to have it but I'm not too sure on what happened to it... I think I may of accidentally took it off when I was Co.
  8. Daxx

    Congratulations to you both, Lisa & Dreamz!!!
  9. Daxx

    Very nice goals there, best of luck with them! Make sure to keep us updated
  10. Hello Ironman noobs, Welcome to the Official Ironman Clan Chat! The aim for this clan is for all of you Ironman noobs (Experienced & Non-Experienced) players to enjoy themselves and help each other out. In the past, the old Ironman Clan Chat was extremely successful because it made the game a lot easier and more enjoyable due to having our own clan chat! This clan will be opened for ALL Ironmans, Hardcore Ironmans and Ultimate Ironmans. To Join the clan In-game, Enter "Irons" Reason towards why you should become an Ironman or Join the Clan Chat? - Being an Ironman is enjoyable and keeps you motivated. - Stops your gambling addictions. - Actually makes you experience the game and it updates your knowledge on RSPS and Rs in general about the games. - Good to play on your own while chatting to other Ironmans in the clan. - Having Ironman contests on who can be the best Ironman. The ranks in the Clan Chat will be given based on your activity as an Ironman and how well you assist other un-experienced Ironmans In-game and elsewhere. Owner - Government Co-Owner - Iron Khaotic Captain - XXXX Lieutenant - XXXX Sergeant - XXXX Corporal - XXXX Recruit - XXXX Feel free to also join our Forums Club here >>
  11. Daxx

    Glad to see such a highly successful event from the past brought back! Goodluck to everyone who enters the lottery :)
  12. Daxx

    Congratulations Barry!
  13. In-game Name(s): Daxx Timezone: GMT+10 Will you be active within the Wiki Team?: Yes of course. Do you have prior experience editing a Wiki?: Yes, I have a lot of experience in editing Wiki's. I'm also the Ex-Wiki Manager of Grinderscape as most of you may know. Why do you deserve to be in the Wiki Team?: I believe I deserve to be in the Wiki Team as it doesn't seem like there's much action being done in the Wiki because there aren't many Wiki editors at all. Having me in the Wiki Team with my knowledge of the server and my amazing amount of hours I spend on Grinderscape will extremely help the Grinderscape community as due to timezones being a problem at the moment, there aren't many Staff on to help the community in different timezones which is when the Wiki comes in handy. It's also very helpful towards the staff members as sometimes you can forget things or even when you don't know the answer to a question somebody has asked you. What do you expect to get out of the Wiki Team? I don't expect anything out of the Wiki Team, I just want Grinderscape to be a better and more enjoyable play for us, the community. Thank you for reading my Wiki Application.
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