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  1. Daxx

    I love the idea, also having the rank "Wiki Contributor". Obviously there will need to be rules about it or there should be at least.. Personally, I think you need to be consistent with the help towards the Wiki to be able to keep the rank as people would just help once or a couple times and just stop once they receive the rank and use it as a "Show off" rank.
  2. Daxx

    Congratulations to you both, Lisa & Dreamz!!!
  3. Daxx

    Congratulations Barry!
  4. Daxx

    Obviously the In-game Co-owner will have some permissions like viewing player reports, appeals and replying to them etc lol...
  5. Hello Grinderscape Community, Today I'm happy to release my 2nd update within this month! * Templates I've added to applications. (Some might sections won't show as they need to be accepted, will be fixed by the morning.) - Graphic Designer Application Section and Template fixed. - YouTuber Application Template fixed. I've also added 2 new small sections attached to "Greetings" which is. - Holiday & Breaks - Introduction *Ranks. Graphic Designer Manager; Daxx - I'll be the Graphic Designer Manager for now until we f
  6. Daxx

    Fantastic update once again, keep up the good work !
  7. Fantastic explanation on creating this thread Entry fee, very professional. I've personally experienced a couple of these types of situations and it's hard. The In-Game Staff Members CANNOT do any actions towards another member without having proof to why they're doing the action they did such as Mute/Jail or Ban. So please don't hate staff members because "apparently" they're not doing their job right because they didn't listen to you when you had no proof... (something I've experienced in my life of being a In-Game Staff Member.) [Happens in a lot of servers]
  8. Daxx

    Hello peeps, I've been thinking for awhile and also talking to Chris and Lou about in-game and the staff team itself. I've decided to Resign from my In-game Staff Position, I will still be assisting a lot In-game and helping out as I'll still be a Middleman for Rsgp Trades. The reason to why I'm resigning from In-game Staff is because I'd like to focus more on the Wiki and also Forums, I believe that I'm better off working on those 2 other then the 3 as I can take more time to make the 2 a better place for the Grinderscape community. Thanks for reading,
  9. Daxx

    Congratulations Valar and Brad, both wonderful promotions! Keep up the amazing work
  10. Hello Grinderscape Newbs! I've got another major update to announce which includes the whole part of Grinderscape. *Wiki Announcements Promotions; Another Congratulations to the two new Wiki Editors @Runerova and @Brad ! Demotions; I've decided to demote @Bossed from Wiki Editor due to inactivity and many other reasons. New Re-edited Stuff Placed In The Wiki; A massive thanks to the Wiki Editors for doing an amazing job on changing the whole Wiki information from Pre-Eoc to OSRS Information. They haven't finished it all but these are some that have been up
  11. Daxx

    Hello everyone! Today I've decided to promote @Runerova and @Brad to Wiki Editor! I believe that both of them are more then capable of working on the Wiki to make it amazing and very helpful to the Grinderscape Community. They will both be placed on a 2 Week Trial, Best of luck boys! IF YOU NEED ANY ASSISTANCE, FEEL FREE TO PM! ^^
  12. Nice update Lou, Good work!
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