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  1. Should be an amazing upgrade tho! Especially in the nights/morning in most of the middlemans timezone!
  2. fibra fabri

    Results :
  3. fibra fabri

    Always a pleasure to help the server! Thanks mate
  4. fibra fabri

    Cool you explain the bugs step for step! Keep it up Snap! Nice topic.
  5. fibra fabri

    Thanks all! Appreciate it!
  6. Requesting rank: Extreme Donator.
  7. fibra fabri

    First person who get a certain drop from a npc wins an amount of cash. Host a flowerpoker tourney with mithril seeds! DDS Tourney.
  8. Nice idea! It would be nice if you add a screenshot after every inventory. makes it looking more easy :P
  9. fibra fabri

  10. fibra fabri


    Jesus christ! Nice guys.
  11. fibra fabri

    Fabri's Adventure! Hello guys, Welcome to my adventure. I will update this topic so much as i can. Adventure #1 Charging glorys So, today my goal was to charge 518 glorys to see what i get. Here's the results! Adventure #2 Reached Max cape! Adventure #3 My goal for the third adventure is to kill 50 Mutant Tarns, I will update this goal every 25 kills! Remaining 25 kills : Well, I did some more kills, here are the drops! * Important! all of these kills are included with the Ring of Wealth (i) * Adventure #4 Some randoms : Adventure #5 Road to Cerberus pet!
  12. fibra fabri

    Respect! Spread love to the community! +1 Groovy
  13. fibra fabri

    Sounds interesting, I'm down for a try! +1
  14. fibra fabri

    Welcome Mav! Meet you in game! :)
  15. fibra fabri

    Thank you very much! Will do :)
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