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  1. Number 1

    Congrats my dude
  2. Number 1

    Hey man, I like your dedication and I would love to follow your progress. Goodluck!
  3. Number 1

    Number 1
  4. Number 1

    Welcome to the team
  5. Number 1

    Very nice to see you again Sven! Hope to see you in-game so we can catch up
  6. Number 1

    Haha yeah I found out when I posted it here. Guess we have the same taste. Maybe that's why I love your designs so much
  7. Number 1

    Oof i like fashionscape. Firee
  8. Number 1

    What a freaking legend!
  9. That's what I wanted to see! Awesome big update with tons of needed bug fixes. Awesome work. Can't wait for the new game modes next update.
  10. Number 1

    Congratulations to the winners! Nice video btw
  11. Number 1

    Very good description of the bugs. Thanks and I hope the reported bugs will be fixed quickly by the developers.
  12. Number 1

    Nice! Goodluck on your series.
  13. Number 1

    My sexy gear. Goodluck to everyone with the competition! https://gyazo.com/8427403584a67bf95dfa7f9882b5ae25
  14. Number 1

    Hi Robin! Good suggestion! Although i think the main reason why the mini games are not being played is that the current players are fairly new and have alot of other things to do aswell that might be more rewarding for them. And once we have a bigger player base the mini-games will be played more often aswell. Nevertheless a good suggestion! Thanks for thinking along with us.
  15. Number 1

    Hi Jladams. Great to see you comming back Please DM your payment transaction proof to Lou on the discord. Here is the link for the Grinderscape Discord: https://discord.gg/SVs3FgT
  16. Number 1

    That's a long list right there mate! Good luck achieving all of that. X
  17. Number 1

    Happy new year
  18. Number 1

    Congratz Blake! I think you will be a great addition to the team and helping players along the way Goodluck
  19. Number 1

    Donator rank information What Is Donator? Donator status is given to a player in game when he/she donates. GrinderScape really appreciates the support of the server, so they try to provide special qualities to the players (while keeping it fair to all-meaning it is not required to donate). Premium point items information Skilling tomes Fishing tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Fishing skill by rewarding 10M experience. Agility tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Agility skill by rewarding 10M experience. Mining tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Mining skill by rewarding 10M experience. Firemaking tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Firemaking skill by rewarding 10M experience. Woodcutting tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Woodcutting skill by rewarding 10M experience. Thieving tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Thieving skill by rewarding 10M experience. Skilling Supplies A box that contains the following skilling supplies. Mystery box A box that contains alot of items which item u get is completly random. Loot from 100 mystery boxes: Other rewards Crystal keys The loop half of a key is used with a tooth half of a key to make a crystal key. A crystal key van be used on the crystal chest in Edgeville. Loot of 100 crystal keys: Muddy keys A muddy key can be used on the closed chest in the centre of the lava maza (Wildy level 43) to obtain random loot. Loot out of 100 Muddy Keys: I hope this information was usefull. If you still have any questions feel free to PM me or another staff member.
  20. Number 1

    I totally agree with your suggestion. Improvements can be made here
  21. Number 1

    Congratz my friend Looking forward to the upcomming events. Goodluck
  22. Basically whenver you check a skill tab (right clicking it) and then close it by pressing X it disconnects you from the client.
  23. Oh wauw, I feel like I'm repeating myself on every update post haha But yeah amazing job guys
  24. Wauw huge update! Awesome job guys Alot of new items to collect. Keep up the great work!
  25. Number 1

    Hello fellow Grinderscapers, First i would like to say thanks for the oppertunity to prove myself as a in-game moderator. I will continue to do my best efforts to help players and keep the server safe. I really enjoy working together with the current staff team. Please feel free to PM me anytime if you need help or just want to have a nice conversation. Greetings, Number 1
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