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  1. Number 1

    Love to see the old soldierfront banners! God loved that game.. Too bad it's gone. Nice sigs, can't wait to see some grinderscape sigs from you.
  2. Number 1

    Welcome back! Always good to see old players returning.
  3. Number 1

    Welcome buddy! Feel free to add me in-game so we can hang out haha.
  4. Number 1

    Yeah auto retaliate still needs some fine tuning. Whatever you do it forces you to attack back, doesn't matter if you click to walk away. Please fix
  5. Number 1

    Goodluck and have fun
  6. Number 1

    Welcome to the team!
  7. Number 1

    Looks very nice. Thanks
  8. Number 1

    Sad to see you leave buddy! Take care and i'm glad u keep playing grinderscape
  9. Number 1

    Nice! Some of the suggestions is already being worked on.
  10. Number 1

    Awesome list mate, I'm sure we can implement some of the suggestions! Thanks
  11. Number 1

    With all the things u do for the server, and your insane activity this promotion is well deserved! I'm sure you will fill in this role perfectly. Goodluck brother!
  12. Number 1

    Congrats and welcome to the team Lew!
  13. Number 1

    Good to hear old players comming back And welcome on the forums!
  14. There is the update! Once again good job on all the big fixes, I'm happy the new pathing system is way smoother now. Can't wait for the next updates
  15. Number 1

    Dam Blake congrats!
  16. I fully support this
  17. Number 1

    Congrats and welcome to the team!
  18. Number 1

    Hello Daxx
  19. Number 1

    Hi Barry! Welcome to the team, and goodluck
  20. Number 1

    Hey @redsfyre I'm sorry to hear you've lost your stuff. We are going to investigate this and an admin will contact you as soon as possible.
  21. Number 1

    Huge one! That's what we all wanted to see Can't wait to log back in to experience all the new content. Thanks Lou and the devs
  22. Number 1

    Congrats my dude
  23. Number 1

    Hey man, I like your dedication and I would love to follow your progress. Goodluck!
  24. Number 1

    Number 1
  25. Number 1

    Welcome to the team
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