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  1. Number 1

    Welcome back, hope you like the new setup.
  2. You are very active and a nice guy in general, and I think you can be trusted with this rank. Goodluck with your application. Greetz Number 1
  3. Number 1

    Goodluck with your real life adventures. And thanks for the time you've spend on grinderscape to help others. See you in game!
  4. Number 1

    Dope nice!
  5. Number 1

    Good to see you back, good luck and have funs!
  6. Number 1

  7. Number 1


    Holy shit! Absolutely love these! Nice work man, I'm a fan
  8. Nice application, I think you would do good as an official middlemen. Goodluck!
  9. Number 1

    Requesting rank: OMM Primary rank(Yes/No) No Proof:
  10. Number 1

    Always nice to see new players. Goodluck with your grind and achievements!
  11. Number 1

    I like the idea but i dislike that rare's like the h'ween is added to the price pot But good luck to the participants!
  12. Looks like you are a nice guy! Personally haven't seen you much but goodluck with your application!
  13. Number 1

    Goodluck buddy!
  14. Number 1

    Good to see a serious pking clan. And dope logo, have fun!
  15. Number 1

    Love to see the old soldierfront banners! God loved that game.. Too bad it's gone. Nice sigs, can't wait to see some grinderscape sigs from you.
  16. Number 1

    Welcome back! Always good to see old players returning.
  17. Number 1

    Welcome buddy! Feel free to add me in-game so we can hang out haha.
  18. Number 1

    Yeah auto retaliate still needs some fine tuning. Whatever you do it forces you to attack back, doesn't matter if you click to walk away. Please fix
  19. Number 1

    Goodluck and have fun
  20. Number 1

    Welcome to the team!
  21. Number 1

    Looks very nice. Thanks
  22. Number 1

    Sad to see you leave buddy! Take care and i'm glad u keep playing grinderscape
  23. Number 1

    Nice! Some of the suggestions is already being worked on.
  24. Number 1

    Awesome list mate, I'm sure we can implement some of the suggestions! Thanks
  25. Number 1

    With all the things u do for the server, and your insane activity this promotion is well deserved! I'm sure you will fill in this role perfectly. Goodluck brother!
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