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  1. Hello all, Today Lew & @Valar hosted a goodiebag event. I recorded this event and made a short video. The giveaway consisted of 26 items (including Twisted Bow, Dragon Claws & Elder Maul), 780m Cash and 50k Blood Money! I hope you guys enjoy this video and to many more events/giveaways!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aZADF5IGV0&feature=youtu.be
  2. Koen

    Achievements: 2.3 500m total xp (23th of September) 2.6 Get 200m in a skill (24th of September 2018) 2.10 Get 50m xp in 3 skills (23th of September 2018) 100m Woodcutting xp (21th of September 2018) 50m Firemaking xp (23th of September 2018) 100m Thieving xp (23th of September 2018) 200m Thieving xp (24th of September)
  3. Koen

    Congrats Valar, truly deserved promotion. Keep the good work up! I'm sure you'll do great.
  4. Koen

    Amazing giveaway Anz, a big thanks for that! Goodluck to everyone & may the luckiest win
  5. Koen

    Achievements: 1.12. Crafting (19th of September 2018) 1.16. Smithing (19th of September 2018) 1.22. Farming (19th of September 2018)
  6. Koen

    Update: 1.8. 99 Hitpoints (17th of September 2018) 2.2 Get 250m total xp (13th of September 2018) 13. Buy a tentacle whip (14th of September 2018)
  7. Koen

    Congratulations Kaz, well deserved. You're a big help to our community, goodluck!
  8. Koen

    1. Add bonesack to the game (maybe good in vote and/or participation points shop) 2. Remove the halved combat xp after lvl 92. I don't see the point and I'd prefer it to be a bit easier then now. Edit: 3. Remove tomes from premium store & in general. 4. Set up a working highscores for total and skill xp (and potentially alot of other highscores). 5. Make skillcapes kept on death. 6. Old "Donator Zone 2" Bugs: 1. Perdu isn't repairing any barrows items. 2. Make all achievement progress work. Thanks, @Lou Grinder did you see this yet?
  9. Koen

    Because I need my skillcapes for that
  10. Koen

    Achievement 6-13 September: 50m thieving xp (12th of September) 50m Woodcutting xp (12th of September) 99 Fishing (12th of September) 99 Cooking (13th of September) 99 Hunter (13th of September) Get 100k Blood Money (13th of September) Additional Goals: Get 50m xp in 1 skill (12th of September) Get 50m xp in 3 skills Get 50m xp in 5 skills Get 50m xp in all skills Get 200m xp in all skills 1.21 Get 99 in Hunter 1.22 Get 99 in Farming
  11. Koen

    Great suggestions Anz. I support them all especially hurr and troll
  12. Koen

    I think it looks great! Nicely done
  13. Koen

    Thanks Valar
  14. Koen

    Congrats Valar. Great achievement now go for that 4.4b!
  15. Koen

    Congratulations @Gruntmaster!! Goodluck with getting 4.4b
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