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  1. lil ez

    Oh the flashbacks, thanks Lou!
  2. lil ez

    welcome back noobie
  3. we made it

    1. Daxx


      Only you and I made it !

  4. lil ez

    Requesting rank: Veteran Primary rank: Yes Proof: https://prnt.sc/ju5byu (that's my old IGN)
  5. lil ez

    Appreciate y'all!
  6. lil ez

    Hello, it really feels great to be back. I have been playing grinderscape since like 2012-2013, can't remember exactly but I know that I made a group for grinderscape @facebook in 2013. Grinderscape really is one of the few private servers that I have taken seriously. I'm also from Estonia and currently graduating from high school. Old IGN: ESTMonstah - maybe somebody recognizes me, I was quite active back in the day. I'm grateful to everybody who are working hard to get GS back up and booming, thank you! Let's have fun and push Grinderscape to #1, peace!
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