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  1. This is awesome man, will be repping it asap!
  2. Oh my lanta, this is one large update my doode! This is absolutely incredible, without a doubt a lot of work went into this! Awesome job to everyone involved in making this happen!
  3. Josh

    Beautiful! Stoked to see it up there, awesome work Donnie.
  4. Second response half off *edit: will still pay 100m instead of free. Text: Zapps Font: nothing in particular, just something Sleek and Fresh (Professional-ish) Theme: Professional & Modern Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Black Any Additional Info: I trust your judgement and from one g-designer to another, I'm very excited to see your work!
  5. Josh

    I'm a fan of this new one, would definitely enjoy seeing your logo on the top of the site.
  6. Josh

    Doooooode! These are really something else, I'm in favour of your colour-scheme used in each of your graphics! Huge fan of the Marvel/DC 300 graphic!
  7. In-game Name(s): Crotchzapper & Xaviorzion Age: 22 Timezone: GMT-6 (Central Time) Will you be active?: I will continue to be active. How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play around 3-6 hours a day, if it's a good day a bit longer. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe I should be in this group because I'm a trustworthy member of the community, respected among players and staff, and have high regard for making the server a friendly place. Also, I've been doing it for quite a while already. Any other information: I have this signature from decades ago (not really) for when we started the Middleman practice, I would like to use it or present it available to players who would like to have their own middleman signature. Example: it's an old one and I didn't want to update it yet, but that's the gist of it.
  8. Josh

    This is pretty awesome, Fewb! I'm not much of a Youtube commenter for things outside the personal life but I respect the work you put into this!
  9. Josh

    Hello, Hola, Chow! I've been back for approximately four-five months now in-game but, I wanted to make a quick forum-introduction! I'll make it short and sweet; PS - RAP THIS STUFF; This rap will be officially rapped and sung for y'all to understand how it flows, in the meantime - rap it to this beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrGICyjexO0 "Umm, yaa, I started out a noob, straight baby sucking straight from the boob, mmmmm, that's how life was dude, so, I knew what I had to do, so I helped a brew, and I made some stew, next thing you knew, I was banning noobs, cause yo boy, he had made it through, to the top I knew, just another *pause* but then school got in the way, had a payday, was gone far away, but I'm back today, you know what I'll say ... nothing ... just ... Whatupppp." Laymens Terms: started in 2009, was originally named Lezilla, joined forums a year or two later, became a shoutbox moderator, went up the ranks until I was the forums administrator. Eventually, I made it to IG administrator and started to pursue more graphic designing interests. The userbars you see are a little zapper creation, minus a few of them because when I left I gave my PDF. files to one of the other g-designers at the time to continue said task. Oh yeah, and I changed my IG name to Crotchzapper and my forums name is what you see today, Josh. Excited to be back and active for this much time, it's been the longest for years. Don't be shy to ask me questions or stuff either, I don't mind it one bit gangstas! - Zap
  10. PLAYER KILLING VIDEO CONTEST Oii, for all the player killers out there, I'm looking to see who's got the best PK video/snippet. Submit ONE video via Youtube or whatever Video Link. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Details Start Date: January 17th (GMT -0500: Eastern Standard Time) End Date: February 05th (GMT -0500: EST) Event: Players will submit one video of them PK'ing from any time within the start date and the end date (20 days), players may submit videos of them rushing or sneaking up on other players, however, you are still a lil-shit Requirements: Players must be above level 60 combat (at least) and must be in the wilderness to submit their video (any level of wilderness counts) Winner(s): The winner will be decided through a voting poll that will be monitored for people voting for themselves (NOT ALLOWED) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRIZES 1st Place: 500m, 10k Dragon Bolts, and You Video will be Posted on the FRONT PAGE!! 2nd Place: 250M, Armadyl Godsword, Ahrim's Set, and Dark Bow 3rd Place: 100m, Dhorak Set, Dragon Platebody, and 3 Abyssal Whips *Disclamier - there will be more items added to each placing, this is just from my account at the moment* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES 1. The video may be against yourself, however, it must be a pretty damn good fight somehow. 2. You cannot have a friend allow themselves to die to make it look better 3. Only ONE video per entry, and only 5 Minutes Long (cut it to make shorter if needed or identify times to watch; eg. start at 2:04, end at 7:02) 4. The video may contain more than one kill, but less than 10 kills 5. The LEAST voted for PK-Video must submit 50m to the winner of the competition 6. The video must be from GRINDERSCAPE, nowhere else, duh 7. Only serious entries will be taken and considered for the contest; ie. no videos of level 3's fighting 8. *** The video must be taken from now until the end of the competition. *** 9. May the best player killer win -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXAMPLES Submit something similar to these; the videos are under 5 minutes, I've given a timeline for the second video to avoid clips that are unrelated and, I've provided 6 kills in the second video (which is between 1-10 kills). Follow the rules and do this and we'll be all good in the hood. 1. My First PK Video- Full Stat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mggi4G6nZ6Q 2. Pking-Dueling: watch from 0:00 - 2:02, anything past 2:02 is not PKing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nddDO5j-0Tg Obviously these videos are outdated and cannot be used, however, they do follow the rest of the rules. Good luck amigos!
  11. Josh

    I'm replying to this thread because I think more people should see what's in store for future updates. This is incredible that all of these are on the line for this year's 'production', this is the era of Grinderscapes return, 2019 will be one for the ages.
  12. This is awesome Rashed! I'm really thankful for the skill tab being fixed and the specs on all the barrows gear! Thanks for all the hard work you've been putting in brother!
  13. Josh

    Personally, I enjoy my Anti-Santa with Anti-Treats Sack for the adults, however, I decided to go with my OG set. Includes: Hornwood Helm, Amulet of Magic (t), Mythical Cape, Saradomin Godsword, Ancestral Robe Top, Ancestral Robe Bottom, Cooking Gauntlets, Eternal Boots, and just for my own pleasure, Ring of the Gods. Video: https://imgur.com/a/H32wg4q
  14. Josh

    This is a really cool idea, I'm diggin' it. We're talking about skills as well eh, it's gonna be a crazy one!
  15. Josh

    I went with an icy-Christmas style, however, offering the style in three "colours": Christmas, Candy, and Chill. Christmas Style Candy Style Chill Style (My Fav One)
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