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The Untouchable boss guide.

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                                                                                                           The Untouchable boss guide





Inventory setup.





-  Amulet of eternal glory > Amulet of Madness >  Amulet of Fury
-  Full elite void set (Range) > Morrigans set > Karil‘s set > Black dragon hide set
-  Pegasian boots > Ranger boots
- Ava‘s assembler > Ava‘s accumulator
- Twisted bow (attack style: Rapid) > 3rd range bow > Blowpipe > Magic shortbow



 Always run around, 1 hit then run and do that all the time till you kill him



- Always run around because he can drop a stone from sky and it‘s hit hard.

- Bring a Dark bow for special attack to get faster kills.

- He can teleblock you, if you will be at low hp ther is ladder at the boss to safe zone.

- If you going with keys, make sure to have spare in bank if you die.

- He can drain your prayer, ther is altar and pray on it every kill and will save prayer potions for kills.



How to get ther? :

If you are not donator and don‘t have spare money to buy skull sceptres.

You will need kill Dad at West of Yanille to get the key, he always drops it.

Then tele back to Yanille and go down to the dungeon, kill fire giant for yellow key.

Go to the dungeon next to fire giants, kill San Tojalon he drops blue key 1:5 drop rate.

If you are donator, buy the sceptres from Zod shop at donator zone next to the bank wall.

Cost 30m per 5 charges and can tele you to Kamil/Black knight titan/Ice queen/The untouchable bosses.

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