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How to post images

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                                                          Hello, i'm back with another guide and i show you how to post images on forums. 


Every day, hundreds of forum users ask me: "Legends, how do I add images to the forums and have them actually show up?" Well folks, i'm going to show you how to post images like I did above in a very short and quick guide.


Step 1: Get the image that you want to post on the forums.
You may be posting an image from google, or perhaps you want to post a screenshot that you've taken on Gyazo or similar websites. For the purposes of this guide, we will be using the Gyazo, as it requires a little trick in order for it to work.

                                                                                Alright, so lets get an image we want to post.


                                     There we are...but as you can see, the image simply appears as a link rather than an image.


Step 2: Add IMG Tags or Click the Image Button
Now that you have your link, there are two ways you can go about making it appear as an image. The first way is to put IMG tags around the link. To do so, simply type out IMG before and after your link.

                                    Like so: {IMG}https://gyazo.com/6e86968db1845c2faa011e2e1797983{/IMG}
                                                                Replace the brackets with [ and ] though.


                                        If the above didn't work for you, this is where the trick with some links comes in.


Step 3 (Only if 2 doesn't work): Add .png to your Link
If step 2 didn't work for you, its most likely because you didn't have .png at the end of your link. Simply add it to the end of your link, and redo step 2. Without the .png, it doesn't recognize the link as an image.



Ah, there he is, finally.

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