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  1. Nicotine

    Hit 250m crafting exp!
  2. Nicotine

    Barry is the shiznit.
  3. Nicotine

    Yup, got like 6-7 skills with 250m exp already!
  4. Nicotine

    I just maxed! I'm making a bank video soon. 07/19/2020.
  5. Nicotine

    Can someone make me a signature) With the terminator(Arnold S) and Naruto riding a moped and explosions and other stuff.
  6. Nicotine

    Welcome sonny boy!
  7. Sweet things come in big posts.
  8. Note: Nothing is for sale.
  9. Nicotine

    I think I remember you; Are you ex server-support?
  10. Nicotine

    Hello I never introduced myself I'm Nicotine i'm decently active on the server and I am aiming for a high scores spot. I like skilling to 250m in skills. I am also a collector of every item. I hope to see you all in-game. I am also looking for someone to teach me hybrid pking and maybe join a pking clan soon.
  11. Nicotine

    Good luck, I too am aiming for 250m experience on a regular account and an ultimate ironman account.
  12. Nicotine

    It would be nice if hunter animals would be attracted to nearby traps. Also fix the box glitch where they are un-claimable. Also increase the quantity of animals in an area a little bit.
  13. Nicotine

    Sweet update, titles are legit nice.
  14. Nicotine

    Mining with the outfit has that issue too; The task count will go down in increments of 10 every 4-5 mined.
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