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  1. How do i appeal a mute ban? I slipped up yesterday in a moment of anger i said some bad words but I had behaved for a whole week without saying anything. Is it possible to be unmuted one last time so i can sell some items? I won't say anymore derogatory or bad words. I'm used to OSRS trash talk is a big part of the game but i recognize that here it's not. I apologize @Btartaros @Alcotty @Shark Black @Barry

  2. Hey, you there? I will unban you.

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    2. Quaint



      Thank you for the reply, I'll behave I promise I just want to play again. You can even leave me perm muted to ensure that. It's saying my host address is banned is there anyway to lift that ban??

    3. Btartaros


      I will unban you now. Wait a few min please.

    4. Btartaros


      U are unbanned and unmuted now

  3. I was wrongfully banned in game on my account Quaint.

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