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Basic Steel/iron dragon guide (simple af)


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Mage, inventory contains 1 cast of ice blitz runes (Take around 300-400 casts per trip) and Dfs for tanking when running between safespots (can use protection pray and regular antifire shield )


boots, ring and main hand can be changed to better gear (use elite void if available)


Range, Inventory stays the same but without the runes


again boots, ring and main hand can be changed to better gear (use elite void if available)

use ruby (e) or runite bolts if u want


PS if u don't have void you can use a god d hide set for range or a mystic set for mage but i highly recommend you invest in void.


Teleport to brimhaven dungeon and follow the red path if you are not on a slayer task ( Green lines are vines where you need axe to get trough)  blue crosses are safespots



To safe spot just walk to the wall in those spots and attack your desired dragon.



The Spawn times are a bit long so run between those safespots (while dfs or antifire equiped)


Good luck


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On 6/19/2019 at 8:05 PM, Akou said:

those damn iron dragons keep messing up my steel task!

if you wait in the safe spot the iron drag will unagro and you can get steels 

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get elite void normal void is junk and thanks for this decent guide :)

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