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Easy 1-99 Mining Guide

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1-99 Mining Guide Made Simple

Hello Everyone! Today I will be presenting a Quick and Easy 1-99 Mining Guide for everyone out there to smooth out one of the more painful skills in the game.

Let's get started!


Setting Up

Begin by going to the Shops at home with ::shops, buying an iron and rune pickaxe then use your skilling teleport in your Magic Spell Book to go to Neitiznot:

(NOTE: If you are a Donor use ::DZ instead and see below)



Run North to the Mining Area (Non-Donors):


Go Ahead and talk to Gadrin, the Dwarf with the Mining Cape near the furnace. 

Talk to him about a skilling task and accept your first task:


Great! Go mine however much of whatever he tells you, and use the home tele to bank and return if you want to save your Ore. Otherwise use ::empty (be sure to drop coins/blood money first otherwise you will lose it if you ::empty. Pick them back up after you use the command).

You will want to Return when the Chat box shows a BLUE MESSAGE that says You've Completed your Skilling task, return to your tutor...

Return to Gadrin, take the MINING POINTS. NOT THE GOLD. And repeat.

You will want to do this until you have 625 Points (Check by talking to Gadrin>See his shop>look in top left corner. Reference this image:41641429_Annotation2020-01-30225722.png.59ae7658275587a2471c913aacebffaf.png

As you can see there are quite a Few things to buy. The ones you want are the 3rd Age Pickaxe and the Prospector Set. Ignore the Dragon Pickaxe and the ores. The Dragon Pickaxe is a waste of points since the 3rd age is better.

Prospector Helmet 625

Prospector Jacket 1200

Prospector Legs 1100

Prospector boots 350

3rd Age Pickaxe 5000

Total :                     8275

Great! Now just do Gadrin's Tasks until you get all of the above equipment, then you can choose one of two things:

Power level Mining (not doing tasks and just doing ::empty after each bag. You will mine Runite Ore either at Neitzinot or in the wilderness resource area.)

Continue doing Tasks until 99 and saving up points for either coal/gold for crafting/smithing. Or getting gold from the tasks to save a tonnnn of moneyyy


Great! That is just about it for mining! If you are a Donor follow the above steps but you will be doing all of your leveling in the Donor Zone Mine, just south of the bank or ::dz. 


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Nice, goojob on the guide!
The only thing I would change a bit is the formatting, maybe only make the keywords bold and the rest of the text smaller :)

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Having prospector set increases mining speed and bonus experience on each piece equipped. Skill cape has benefits for XP and speed too.

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