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callisto boss wild guide

Shark Black

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you need to on mele prayer vs this boss

  Minimum vs Recommended Stats

85 Combat    105+ Combat

60 Hitpoints     90+ Hitpoints

70 Strength     90+ Strength

70 Attack     90+ Attack

70 Defence     90+ Defence




Weapon: Verac's flail

Helm: Verac's helm
Neck: fury/tort amulet/eternal Amulet of glory
Torso: Verac's brassard
Legs: Verac's plateskirt
Boots: Rune boots/dragon boots/prim boots
Cape: infero cape/fire cape
Shield: none
Gloves: Barrows gloves/feros gloves
u need to keep you'r hp 60+
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-theres a safespot thats allowed with range i believe

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