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Kamil and You!


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Okay so this will be a brief, comprehensive guide for those of you wishing to kill Kamil as Efficiently as possible! In my opinion mage is by far the best way to rack up those kills, as when done correctly banking is not required at all!

Kamil drops some of the best magic items in the game, ranging from a few good staffs (which are great for alts and mage pures), bulk rune drops, the lucrative white whip, the darkness set and right the way through to seers and seer ring(i) (Which is best in slot for any magic user).



This is the typical inventory I bring to Kamil, just to compensate for the times he doesn't drop food or potions (although i have not needed them yet) and allows me to camp for the desired length of time.


So to reach Kamil you will need to use the Kamil teleport under the boss teleport tab. From here a Killcount of 5 mobs is required to then pass through the cave, into Kamil's Lair. This can easily be done by grouping up a few of the trolls in the area, with protect from melee active and barraging them down (As Seen Below).


After your killcount has been reached, a small trip westwards past more trolls and wolves will bring you to a cave entrance.


After Passing this cave, continue East past a few more mobs to reach the Ice Plane which is Kamils Lair.


So to maximise those kills per hour, we're going to exploit his magic weakness, ideally using Ice Barrage (Although Ice Burst can be just as effective) and employing the freeze and run tactic listed below. By using this method, Kamil is a very self sustaining boss. By dropping Super Restore (4) potions, chocolate cakes and avoiding as much damage as possible will allow you to camp this boss till your heart is content.


So we are going to use one of 2 "Safe Spots" by freezing him in place and moving to the other, preventing him from being able to melee hit you and thus taking no damage. Now the only time you will actually need prayer is a quick flick to melee protect whilst catching the freeze in the desired spot.


As you can see above I quickly flick my protection prayer on just to catch the freeze in front of me before moving to the alternative spot.

Kamil does have 1 other ability besides his melee attack, in which he will cast a freezing spell on you when in close proximity, this can easily be avoided by protecting melee when catching the freeze just in case prior to moving spots.


With everything considered, Kamil is a really easy boss to kill, drops some pretty sweet loots and is a great start for anyone looking to min max their gear sets! Below you will find a Video guide for those preferring to watch over read. Above all i hope you enjoy the guide and it helps some of you achieve those sweet sweet loots we're all down to obtain!!

Peace out,



[video will be uploaded later on this evening after rendering process]


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