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  1. Surreal

    Unexpected indeed brother, maybe we'll see you back someday.
  2. Surreal

    Had this issue earlier, should be fixed now.
  3. Surreal

    Good stuff! Excited for some new items
  4. Surreal

    Welcome brother, congrats.
  5. Surreal

    Unfortunate that this had to happen
  6. Surreal

    I like the overall design, however I'm not a huge fan of the "GS" text. It's not bad but I think because the design is a shield, the text should feel "attached" to it in some way. I agree that the GS should stand out, but making the text seem engraved or even "painted" on would be very cool and an overall better design. Nice work!
  7. Surreal

    I agree. I've offered to test stuff for Lou in the past, he just seems hesitant to the idea and I'm not really sure why. Also more polished updates > more frequent updates, imo.
  8. Surreal

    They're old ranks that we kept from years ago. Donator ranks on the forums used to be separate from in-game, and Party Hat ranks were included in those. They were like $3 dollar donations for adding some "flair" to your profile. Currently we don't have solely forum donations, so it looks like we're trying to find a new use for them.
  9. Surreal

    This is it. I believe you actually need 3 candles (and a tinderbox) to keep your screen from going black. Also it seems you discovered a separate bug, the screen is obly going black for the "fixed" portion, and not the entire window as it should in full screen.
  10. Surreal

  11. Surreal

    I hope you're joking brother
  12. Surreal

    oh boy im sure i got loads of these somewhere here's a fave: when tinypic had some issues where image links were redirected to different images, and a lot of the forum images/smileys were random stuff @Gruntmaster
  13. If you have any arrows or bolts equipped, the Toxic Blowpipe will consume them as if it's firing them. The different types of arrows or bolts don't seem to affect max hit or accuracy, it's just a really easy way to lose a good chunk of arrows without realizing.
  14. Surreal

    so that's how they send people to australia?