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  1. Surreal

    Happy to help!
  2. Surreal

    Good thread. Proves that some of the drop rates shown by the drop rate checker ingame are very wrong. Since 37 dragon daggers at an apparent 1:256 drop rate seems a bit impossible.
  3. Surreal

    Welcome back man. Love to see previous players returning!
  4. Surreal

    Good to hear! Just wanted to clarify; all staff can MM right? In the post you only mentioned server support.
  5. Surreal

    Really nice video mate, don't forget to enter it into the Grinderscape Video Contest! There's some good prizes!
  6. Surreal

    It's a shame really but something needed to be done. Unfortunate that it had to come to this.
  7. Surreal

    Me too, brother. This is actually really great and super useful. Will definitely be using it.
  8. I think I remember your name, but you might wanna remove your email and pm it to @Lou Grinder instead.
  9. Surreal

    Try going into your cache folder and launching the .jar directly from there. Doing so should launch the client directly and skip the "launcher" portion, where you have to click "start game".
  10. Surreal

    Chaotics are not an OSRS item, so I don't see them being added unfortunately. However I would like to see the addition of the new Raids 2 items (rapier mostly) and the new revenants items (craw's bow).
  11. Surreal

    Your account might be bugged/nulled and stuck logged in, or it could be some other server-side issues.
  12. Surreal

    Good list. It feels like for some reason item pickup is limited to 1 per tick, which shouldn't be the case.
  13. Surreal

    better late than never