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  1. Big thanks to @Valar again for finishing the remaining donator forum banners:
  2. LadderGoat

    Congratz with the promotions boiiizzz
  3. LadderGoat

    Welcome back
  4. I have to follow everyone on here except for West since he changed his mind. I haven't really seen you online the last few weeks and can't really tell a lot about you.
  5. LadderGoat


    damn bro that's insane
  6. I understand the way of thinking. An MM doesn't have to gamble that's correct.
  7. I've seen you quite a few times online and you're pretty helpful. Although being helpful has nothing to do with the rank of a middleman tbh. Never seen you hosting at ::dice or mming there. At least i think you can be given a chance to proove yourself trustworthy. Good luck further on your apply.
  8. LadderGoat

    Congratz on the promotion
  9. Thanks for your reply, I'll be waiting on @Lou Grinder's response.
  10. LadderGoat

    My bad, i'll be waiting for a forum mod to replace this topic to the appropriate section.
  11. LadderGoat

    It would be nice to see the value of Platinum tokens changed. Let's say u have worth of 20b tokens, it would show in the bank as 60b
  12. Hi, As i previously created a thread around the donator zone, i've noticed that there are some donator rank banners missing. For example we have for Regular donators and for super donators. So i have noticed that the "banner/icon" for bronze, platinum and pink super donator are missing. I would like to request those banners/icons from a gfx designer to make these for us. My recommendation is @Valar though. Kind regards, LadderGoat
  13. LadderGoat

    A big shoutout and thanks to @Valar for the awesome gfx designs!
  14. Hi there graphic designers, As some of you might have already noticed, i've created a thread about the donator ranks, it's donator zone and it's benefits. To make this thread as clean and smooth as possible, i would like to request a banner that i could put on top of the thread! Hopefully someone is willing to help me further with this. The following banners that i would like to see added in the topic would be: Donator Zone / Ranks / Benefits Ranks & Benefits Area's Pictures Thanks in advance, Kind regards LadderGoat
  15. LadderGoat

    Item drop table needs some fixing i think, not every item is shown or wrong items are shown. For example if u search for "Black Knight Titem" and click on black knight titan, it's showing a different drop table than if u right click the boss and click "Show Drop Table"
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