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  1. Thanks for your message. I have sent the new list to Nayeon. He will update it here.
  2. Btartaros

    i actually like that idea! Let's see if @Btartaros and maybe someone else will help me out. You know I will always help you, @Groovy
  3. Btartaros

    Hello, welcome to Grinderscape! I hope you'll have a good time here. You can always pm me when you need help.
  4. Btartaros

    Nice to see this. Good luck, mate!
  5. Btartaros

    Thanks for the trust, guys! And congrats to all of course. Let's do a great job!
  6. Thanks for your motivation. I think you need more experience to become a trusted player. Be active, friendly and helpful and we will see then. Good luck!
  7. Hopefully we will see you as an active, friendly and helpful player. Good luck man!
  8. I don't know you to be honest. Hopefully we will see you as an active and helpful player. Good luck man!
  9. That would be great, man. You are an active player, it's nice to talk with you and you are helpful. Good luck and we will see!
  10. Btartaros

    Nice video man!
  11. That would be great, bro! You're a very friendly and trustful player. Good luck!
  12. You are an active player and always helpful. Good luck man!
  13. In-game Name(s): Btartaros Age: 24 Timezone: GMT +1 (Europe, Amsterdam) Will you be active?: Sure! Every day. How much do you usually play per day?: 5+ hours Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I play a lot, I know a lot of players and I love it to help players. In my opinion, it's important to help players to keep them on this server. Finally I want to say this: helping people gives me motivation to play Grinderscape. Any other information: I like it to play this game, because there are a lot of nice players. Hopefully we can get many new players!
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