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  1. Alex

    well deserved
  2. Alex

    Machine Gun Kelly, but i get the point
  3. Alex

    Yeah but it all started with a tweet mgk did back in 2012 stating that em's daughter Hallie was hot^
  4. Alex

    Who won the beef between Eminem and MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). Feel free to talk about the beef in general below. My personal opinion: MGK was more focused on how it would sound, more song like. Eminem was focusing on the lyrics which in my opinion makes eminem a winner with way better bars. It's a rap battle not a song battle. MGK Diss: Eminem Diss: Who won?
  5. Alex

    Speaking of it, i have an old friend who didnt feel any kind of joy in listening to music. I find it pretty weird tbh but hey, we all can't be the same right?
  6. Alex

    My latest project i've been working on. You may use this picture for advertisement purposes on forums such as "Rune-Server, Moparscape, Runelocus" etc.
  7. Alex

  8. Alex

  9. Alex

    Currently available with low ETA.
  10. Alex

    If that's how it looks being cleaned then idk what i am xd
  11. Alex

    I wish you good luck with these achievements.
  12. Welcome to my graphic's shop. Please follow this format if you want any gfx to be done for you. You may use the graphic's wherever you like. Completely free ofcourse. Question's marked with RED must be answered. Question's marked with GREEN must not be answered. I will reply to your post with an estimated time on how long it will take to fulfill your request. The picture will be sent via forums or discord. If you do not follow this format your request will be invalid. My Portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/4GUQNim
  13. Alex

    gotta love those trimmed sets