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  1. Tman786

    Congrats Valar, I'm sure you'll do a fine job.
  2. Tman786

    Nice, lengthy update. Coming together nicely, good job.
  3. Tman786

    Welcome back bud, glad to see more familiar faces returning.
  4. Tman786

    Agree with this decision, and also agree with Kyle that Contributor needs to be reset. Seeing far too many people with it.
  5. Tman786

    Some nice, clean work here. Looking forward to seeing the graphics section become more active.
  6. Tman786

    Congratulations Anz, I'm sure you'll do a good job. Keep it up.
  7. Tman786

    Welcome back mate, hope I see you around.
  8. Tman786

    Some nice, clean work here. Looking forward to seeing more
  9. Where all my forum nerds at:


  10. Nice update. Looking forward to the game getting better and better.
  11. Tman786

    Lookin' good. Nice work.
  12. Tman786

    Congrats bois, keep it up.
  13. Neat work Lou. Glad to see the server starting to come to fruition now.
  14. Tman786

    Nice idea, good luck everyone.
  15. Tman786

    I noticed the new ones were different too. Glad you made this, cheers mate.
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